Marketing and PR for Fitness Professionals on Social Media

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Updated: May 02, 2022
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Cycling and jogging are going to become a challenge with increasingly stricter lockdown measures, so working out at home will be a good alternative. Home-friendly workouts like stair climbing and skipping to stay fit are better alternatives.

While in social isolation, keeping fit at home is essential for tackling anxiety and depression, but there is a variety of health-related reasons why this routine needs to be maintained. Spending long hours sitting around at home can lead to musculoskeletal and metabolic issues, decreasing our mobility, joint function and increasing the issue of weight gain.

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The easiest way for fitness businesses to ride this storm is to introduce home fitness apps.

Business to Business Marketing Measures to be taken in Fitness Industry:

Apart from developing fitness apps, small fitness companies’ personal trainers are turning to social media platforms for fitness programs. The benefit of this is that it offers a ‘social’ angle to fitness against isolation and lockdown measures. A huge appeal for gyms is the social aspect, allowing members to feel connected to others in their fitness journey. Hence, using Facebook and Instagram is a great way to maintain this. It also significantly improves brand visibility.

Gyms, rather than self-employed personal trainers, will need to think more outside the box for recovering revenue. These businesses are still committed to commercial rental rates. Here are a few things that they can do:

Fitness Industry Response:

Online Classes: The goal is to avoid member subscriptions defaulting. Members will want to see a bang for their buck – a service that matches the monthly rate they are paying. While in lockdown, gyms can have a designated member(s) of their team conduct online classes in a set space. A selected number of members can tune in at the same time. The number of participants should reflect the trainer’s ability to track each person, giving cues and feedback. Members still feel they getting quality service, while enjoying the social aspect they experience at the gym.

Online Personal Training: Besides member subscriptions, you may have a subsequent amount of gym goers contracted to additional services. Gyms will have to bargain with their members to find a happy medium for this service. Ideas would include switching all in person sessions to online sessions – offering a few sessions on the house, or negotiating a price that members and staff can accept. Member subscriptions could be matched for a home fitness program designed, accompanied by an online personal training session per month. There are many ways to negotiate and persuade members why it’s vital to stay fit at home during the pandemic.

Promotions: Hopefully your business can stay afloat from some of these brainstormed ideas. If you need to negotiate further to keep subscriptions alive, offer promotions for when the doors open again. An idea would be to extend service time or a month of membership.

Collaborate with other SMEs: It is certainly a market right now for businesses who sell fitness equipment. sports equipment retailers have seen an increase in their sales since the outbreak. Try and find smaller to medium size businesses to collaborate. Discuss a better deal for people to obtain equipment and do home programs or share in the commissions for keeping business profits alive. There are many ideas for collaboration in health services at this moment.

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