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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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This report aims to prepare a strategic plan for digital marketing of tourism and hospitality service. The report deals with the review of Hotel DE ‘Everest, in New south wales. The most customers are tourists who plan to visit the place and stay in hotels. The report includes; opportunities, SMART goals, strategy and vision, action plan, analysis (SWOT and PEST analysis) and preparation of framework for marketing plan and income.

In any organization, digital marketing plays a very important role.

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As we all know that social media is a big platform and the companies can easily access a big population to spread awareness about the business (Chaffey et al., 2019). A number of customers can be easily attracted via social media. A company adopting effective digital marketing plan may generate good income in a course of time. These days, Digital marketing is a global used strategy to target customers. In business like hospitality, the more you can provide customers with the services and benefits available in the hotel which is mentioned in your web-page or on the booking website, the more customers are attracted to the service. The business can also use social media marketing by using Facebook campaign and ads to promote tourism and hotel industry.


When making a marketing plan, it is essential to look for opportunities. The use of available opportunities can enable company to be a competitive leader. In this report, we will try to address all the opportunities associated with digital marketing. We aim to review the digital contribution by the competitor, the capabilities of company to do digital marketing and the SWOT analysis of doing digital marketing. The opportunity analysis also enables company to prepare SMART goals.

Reviewing of Digital Marketing contribution

The modern era is known as an era of digitalization. Traditional methods are costly and time consuming. From various evidences, we know that digital marketing is contributing a lot in the field of marketing. It is helping companies to go global and publish themselves in global market.

Digital marketing is enabling business to reach more and more customers. Australia spends more than 50% of its investment in advertising in digital marketing. The reason Australia is the center of attraction for so many people is only due to the increased expenditure in digital marketing. In regard to this matter, hotels and tourist centers are spending more on digital marketing to remain competitive and attract more customers.

Using SEO content in their web-page to make it accessible for the customers during search is definitely a good approach. The development of mobile-friendly application that most people use to search hotels nearby has also helped hotel industry. The hotel is only a click away to user who knows how to execute hotel search. The videos and picture of rooms of hotel show customers where they are going to stay has helped them figure out best hotel according to the budget.

  • Current Market capabilities

The current Market capabilities seems to be above average but not at its best. There are couple of hindrances which we will talk later in this report. Hotel DE ‘Everest has created a well presented web-page, and mobile friendly application too. The pictures of in/out space of hotel are uploaded to show the customers about where they will be staying. Descriptions provided in web page explains the facilities and benefits of a hotel room. The spread of digital marketing is implemented by making a team that will work to enhance tool and techniques of digital marketing. The team will only work for digital marketing and prepare the content in the web-page. They also optimize the web-page that is easily accessible by the customers whenever they search for hotels in New South Wales, Australia.

SWOT Analysis (Hotel DE’Everest)

  • Strength

The strength of doing digital marketing or using a multichannel strategy is all about reaching more customers and setting up good brand recognition. Weakness

The weakness of adopting digital marketing and using multi-channel are limited resources such as skills and budget.

  • Opportunities

Opportunities for doing digital marketing and using a multichannel include the access of the business to the global marketplace and filling the gap in the market.

  • Threats
  1. The threat of new competitors in the market.
  2. New regulation by the state which has an impact on digital marketing.
  3. Issue is related to the budget: We should manage the budget of digital marketing and investing a handsome amount on digital marketing for receiving benefits hereafter. As digital marketing requires a big budget, the hotel should prepare a strategy on how they are going to invest in this and then enjoy the benefits.
  • SMART Goals

Smart stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. The goals of any company are to be set according to SMART objectives. Hotel DE’Everest has to invest more in digital marketing, and also should set goals and prepare objectives to achieve these goals. The Hotel management should set key performance indicators to evaluate the achievement of the team who is involved in digital marketing. The SMART goals so defined will help the hotel to capture more customers and be a competitive leader in market through digital advertisement.

  • Strategy

This heading includes the strategy to be made for the digital marketing of Hotel De’EVEREST. The strategy of digital marketing plan will focus on segmentation and targeting of the customers, to prepare value proposition, and setting up a budget (Kingssouth, 2019).

  • Vision

The vision is to prepare an effective digital marketing plan by using digital media efficiently and effectively which will attract more customers and increase the value of the Hotel DE’ Everest.

  • Segmentation and Targeting

The STP segmentation targeting and positioning is a crucial function of marketing, and for preparing a digital marketing plan we will do segmentation and targeting of the customers who use digital media in their daily life.

It is suggested that we use demographic segmentation. It will include all the people who have age between 24 years to 60 years because most people of this age go on trips, holidays and business trips. We can target the people who has high income because they can easily afford to go on trips and stay at hotels. We can also use behavioural segmentation to monitor the buying pattern of customers and how often they stay at Hotel.

After segmentation, it will be easier for us to target them on social media.

  • Value Proposition

Introduction of an innovative service such as designing a mobile app which can manage their bookings and bill payments can add value to hotel industry. The customers can get discounts by using the app. And the customers who visit the hotel on and off can easily manage their trips by simply using the app. This will improve the value delivered to the customers before this feature. And uploading some useful content on the web-page for the people. The content should be strictly related to tourism and hospitality.

  • Budget for investment

The number of social media platforms determines the budget cost. The less the number, the low is the budget cost. Hotel DE’Everest aims to attract the number of people through its advertisement.

The estimated budget is around $6000 to $8000, depending upon the platforms we will use for digital marketing. More than 60% of the marketing budget is used in digital marketing.

  • Action

The action includes the governance of the people, process, and tools to improve the efficiency of the people and process for doing digital marketing.

  • Digital Governance

Digital governance is needed to assign roles and duties to the people who will be accountable for the performance of digital marketing of the business (Marland et al., 2017). In this case, the Hotel De’EVEREST needs to prepare digital governance framework to assign roles and responsibilities to the team of digital marketing and making them accountable for all the performance of digital marketing.

  • Measurement and Testing

The key performance indicators will be used to see the performance of the team (Parmenter, 2015). And the hotel will launch an application which will help the customers to book the rooms and pay the bills easily.

  • Situation Analysis

The situation analysis is done to investigate the present scenario of the market and what trends are adopted by the competitors in the hotel industries.

  • Internal Environment

The internal environment of the hotel includes the employees, management, and the culture of the business (Bhandari, 2017).A research analysis and capability analysis are to be carried out to analyse the internal environment.

  • Research Analysis

The analysis is based on research done by viewing at the customer reviews about the hotel. As the hotel is registered at different booking web-pages, and we can book a room by simply using these booking web-pages. The people who stayed at Hotel De’EVEREST left reviews on booking web-pages and social media to help by giving information about the environment of hotel, how their trip became good or worst by staying at the hotel. These reviews include both positive and negative comments. Some people loved to stay at the hotel while others said that the pictures of rooms on the web-page is different from the actual room. But overall, the ratings of the internal environment of the hotel is good.

  • Capability Analysis

The hotel management could have been more creative and design more attractive strategies for the people. There is a need to prepare a reliable and constructive plan for the digital marketing of the hotel. The web-page of the hotel looks good, and they can improve more by investing in digital media advertisements and campaigns.

  • External Environment

The external environment includes the market where the business is operating its functions and the competitors of the hotel (Hueske et al., 2015). For evaluating the external environment, we may adopt SWOT and PEST analysis.

SWOT Analysis

  • Strength
  • Good location
  • Affordable
  • Attractive web page Weakness
  • Web-page lacked some important points
  • The room are small than they look in web-page
  • Opportunities
  • To be a market leader
  • To fill the gap in digital marketing Threats
  • Many hotels nearby increasing competition
  • PEST Analysis (table)
  • Political Politically good conditions and support from Australian government
  • Economical Strong economic growth rate of Australia
  • Social An environment-friendly society. Ecology conservation
  • Technological The government has always encouraged business which develops innovative technology reducing carbon emission.

Digital Market strategy plans

Digital market strategy plans can aid to income by maximizing the profitability of the company by introducing technology-based innovations and working on Research and Development for improvement in technology (Chaffey & Smith, 2017)

In this review, the digital market strategy plans include the strategies of targeting the market and the income framework strategies of the plan.

Income Framework Strategy

The income framework strategy includes the framework designed to see the sources from where the business can generate incomes and giving these sources a value (Enders et al., 2019). Hotel DE’Everest can get incomes by designing an advertisement campaign on social media, and the people who will click the Ad can generate income for the business. The hotel can prepare the digital media a source of earning by uploading the content related to hotels and tourism and include the information relevant to the business which will help them to attract more customers. The businesses should include data that is read by number of people, and they search for the keywords used in the content of web-page of the business. The current income framework strategy of Hotel De’EVEREST is from hotel booking web-pages and the traditional ways of earning, but in future they can earn through digital media by uploading authentic and creative content.

Ad based Framework

The goal of the Ad based framework is to reach maximum number of customers. Hotel De’EVEREST can design an advertisement for digital media to attract more customers.

The Ad based framework is the income framework in which the businesses can earn by advertisements of the services and the number of subscriptions of the people or by both advertisements and subscriptions.

Affiliate Income Framework

The affiliate income framework is the framework in which the first web-page contains the advertisement of the second web-page or business for getting more clicks on the second web-page, and the second web-page pays for the clicks to first web-page. And this affiliated marketing is now widely used in E-commerce.

This may although bore customers because number of ads pop up if not taken care of.

Hotel De’EVEREST can also pay the other web-pages related to tourism and hospitality to provide them clicks on their web-page.

Other frameworks

The other income frameworks include markup, licensing, commission based, subscription based earnings (Hakkarainen et al., 2019).

Hotel De’EVEREST may adopt subscription based framework for generating income. It can simply prepare videos for their YouTube channel in which they can upload videos related to tourism and hospitality, and the subscribers will increase their earning by just clicking on the subscription button.

Target Market Strategies

The target market strategies may have different types of target such as targeting a specific group of people (could be age, sex, married couples), targeting based on undifferentiated marketing in which the customer has no difference in their characteristics.

Hotel De’EVEREST may use multi-segment targeting and focused targeting to target number of customers.


This review talks about the digital marketing plan of the Hotel De’EVEREST, located in New South Wales. This review includes the process of how the business can perform digital marketing and how it can do situational analysis of the business to look for the opportunities that can enhance their functions and bring innovations in the digital marketing.

The review also conducted a SWOT and PEST analysis of the hotel to see whether they can achieve their goals to be market leaders in hotel industry in South New South Wales. The analysis showed that the hotel can become the market leader by bringing some innovations and helping the customers to find relevant content on the web-page. This will become the corporate social responsibility of the business as well by providing them with useful content on company’s web-page.


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