Mahatma Gandhi: a Life of Non-Violence Cut Short by Assassination

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Updated: Sep 11, 2023
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A murder is when somebody gets blasted and an assassination is when a kill is planned out for a political reason. Mohandas Gandhi was on his way to church but then he got assassinated by a assassin on his way there. His last day to roam the earth was on the 30th of January 1948.

Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on July 30 1948.

Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in Porbandar, India. His father was the chief minister for the princely state of Porbandar, in Gujurat, western India.

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Taught Gandhi lots of important information about political stuff that he would use later in life. His mother was an adherent of the Jain Religion. Taught him lots of stuff as well, but not about political. She taught Gandhi about her faith and religion. Lots of information from both the mother and father that would later guide his adult political life. In 1888 Gandhi went to a University College in London. Gandhi later dipped back to India after studying law for a bit. Gandhi had limited success establishing a law practice in Bombay. Bombay now goes by the name Mumbai. Ended up returning to his hometown of Rajkot to make a modest living drafting some petitions for litigants. He failed at that to after he earned the enmity of a local British officer. He then got a bit ticked off and accepted a year-long contract from an Indian legal firm in Natal, South Africa.

Nathuram Vinayak Godse was born in 1910 May 19 in Maharashtra India. His father, Vinayak, Vamanrao Godse worked at a post office. His mother was named Lakshmi. He attended school at Baramati. He later dropped out to start putting in that work. Godse was an Indian also. He got charged with a criminal charge and later got the boot. He then got the criminal penalty and got hanged real quick.

Gandhi’s assassin was Nathuram Vinayak Godse. He got him three times in the chest where Gandhi was leading some type of movement. The reason why Gandhi got blasted because Godse believed he favoured some type of demands of India’s political demands.

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