Illegal Immigration and Crime

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The United States border is always a topic when the subject is the illegal entry ( entering into a country ) in the United States. Some people defend that building a wall will reduce the criminal activities in the country, while others defend that to stop illegal entry, ( entering into a country) could lapse the United States economy (the process of people making, selling, and buying things). To state that whether criminal activities increases by illegal ( entering into a country ) population or not is important to watch / notice / obey the patterns and outline the crimes.

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Entering into the United States without a VISA is already thought about / believed to be illegal, which can also be defined as a crime, however, most people that cross the borders rarely bring belongings from Mexico because it is almost impossible to cross the border, run and hide carrying stuff. So, with this information, it is possible to relate that illegal entry into the United States sometimes is very hard which is rare that they are carrying weapons or drugs. In other hand, people that are not recognized, and do not carry documents could possibly do/perform crimes without fear.

Crimes such as rape and murder could easily be committed by illegal immigrants ( who enter a country), due to the poorness, low education, and unemployment which is high among this population. However, ( related to jobs where people mostly use an education and brains to earn money ) crimes are less likely to happen, neither cross drugs through the borders. That is just because to bring drugs from Mexico in great amount, capable to create gangs, and feed (groups of businesses, would have to be in big amounts which illegal people (who enter a country ) would not be able to go back and forward, and they would depend on a legal person. While border cities have low criminal behavior rates comparing to other cities, it is known that crimes such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, rape, and murder happen often due to the open border.

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