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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Illegal Immigration Illegal Immigration into the United States is a growing problem. Immigration is costing taxpayers millions of dollars. And affecting the lives of immigrant children. On the other hand, illegal immigrants are helping America in some ways. They are helping America by working labor jobs and illegal immigrants will accept less pay. One of the negative things illegal immigrants bring on America is the amount of money we must spend on healthcare and other benefits that they receive. Another way they are helping America is filling all the jobs that none of the native-born citizens want to do for a lower price.

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This helps the economy and the company illegal immigrants are working for are working for.       

MANVI is a organization that will help people from other countries who are not American citizens who want to serve in the military to gain citizenship in America. Because of MAVNI, more than 10,000 immigrants joined the Army and serve will in the US. “This will help keep the Immigration out”. The cancellation of MANVI would stop thousands of qualified people from enlisting in the future, you could send the wrong signal to the 70,000 immigrants currently serving in the US military, and discourage many foreign-born people. The Pentagon wants to end this program because it says that it does not have the necessary resources to do the advanced screening or vetting necessary to ensure that these men and women do not have a security risk to the U.S.

Canceling the contracts of 1,800 immigrant’s most of these brave men and women want to deportation because of the fact that they volunteered to serve this country. Endangering the careers of another 4,000 troops for no good reason is very unfair. “This is not a good idea because many troops are losing their jobs”. ‘We will build, that’s right, a great, great border wall … And we will stop the drugs that are pouring into our country and poisoning our youth and plenty of others” Trump says. We need to build a wall to help keep them out.(Valverde) Border patrol appearances at the U.S.-Mexico border has gone down 60 percent from November 2016 to February 2017, but immigration experts warn that declines have been a sole result of Trump’s policies.

Border patrol has no need to increase because Trump has been in office they have not been crossing over a much due to the risk it proposes. Trump said March 20. ‘A lot of them are coming in from the southern border. Since the day of my election, we’ve already cut illegal immigration at the southern border by 61 percent, think of that, 61 percent, and we haven’t started.’ I believe that Trump is doing what is best for America by getting illegal immigration cut by 61%. “Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) wants to enforce the DREAM [Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors] Act amnesty. “The DREAM Act fulfills the parents’ principle reason for breaking the law in the first place.”(DREAM) This is one good reason for the illegal immigrants to come to america and have their children on US soil.(Ira) A huge problem in the act is many illegal immigrants will abuse it and use it to their advantage.

“The undeniable message to people around the world.”Come over to America and bring your kids and they will be US citizens.. The US government will not feel like they need Green Cards so now they will come over here and get green cards for free. A video by TopTenz explains what would happen if all Illegal immigrants in America were removed. Hundreds of billions on dollars would be spent to detain and remove them. This would put America in even more debt.(TopTenz) It will cost around 400 billion to keep them out and prevent reentry. This will cost a lot and not help our money position at all. Many white color jobs will be left empty.

This will cause a big problem in major corporations. Homicide rates will likely drop in certain areas. This will help with crime rates in general. The real estate clause would drop. About 35% of Illegal Immigrants are homeowners. They will be discriminated against when the are deported back to Mexico. They will be ridiculed and hurt. Billions of dollars in Government would be freed. This will help with the cost to deport them but not pay for it all. “A third of undocumented immigrants 15 and older lives with at least one child who is a United States citizen by birth.” This is not good for the children because they could lose their parents at any time.

The Trump administration has said that, merely being here without proper paperwork is a violation of the law. In the average person’s mind the undocumented people living here without permission by American government are Hispanic, and mostly Mexican. They are people who should be, kicked out. After Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, the largest number of illegal immigrants comes from China (an estimated 268,000). “China is one of 23 countries that do not cooperate with deportation”s. (The Trump administration has pledged to pressure all 23 into doing so.) “No matter the label placed on them, people like Lydia, 47, who runs a small jewelry store in Los Angeles, do not think of themselves as lawbreakers.” Each year the Border Patrol catches hundreds of thousands of immigrants trying to get to america who flagrantly violate the nation’s laws by illegally crossing U.S. borders.

Such illegal entry is a crime, and if done after being deported, becomes punishable as a felony which has helped and hurt the economy in many different ways.(Illegal Immigration is a Crime) The illegal alien population is composed of those who illegally enter the country in violation of the immigration law, and others enter legally and then stay illegally (referred to as overstayers). Apologists for illegal immigration try to paint it as a victimless crime, but the illegal immigrants came here illegally and should have done it the right way the first time.The children don’t deserve this, but the parents bring it on themselves by coming here in the first place. Illegal immigration causes a huge drain on funds. “The study of the costs of immigration by the National Academy of Sciences found that the taxes paid by immigrants do not begin to cover the cost of services received by them.”

The quality of education, health care and other services for Americans are told by the needs of endless numbers of poor, unskilled illegal entrants.        In conclusion, even though the illegal immigrants are costing America millions of dollars in taxes, there are benefits to having them in our country. One of the benefits that they give to America is they will work labor jobs for less money. Some of the burdens immigrants cause our country, is increased cost of healthcare, higher taxes, and taking jobs from Americans. In looking at all the information, illegal immigrants seem to be more of a burden than a help on the American economy.

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