The Love and Compassion

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My operational theology derives from my mental imaging of God, those dynamic pictures that are present in my reality, such as the tender look of Jesus when he was curing, healing or talking with love and compassion; all of those being part of the set of beliefs and values which in combination with the theological virtues are constantly forming my life experience toward holiness and getting me closer to be more like Jesus, more close to God, Who is the source of my own capacities. When analyzing my operative theology, the first thing to consider is my particular lived experience in accord with the image of my God and Lord. The second aspect to consider is my own personality as God is interacting within me and what is my response to that interaction when I respond by doing ministries. God is almighty and powerful.

Any time I have the change to travel by plane, and being at the highest point of fly, I always like to see through the window and contemplate the immensity of the world, the beauty of the sky with all its bluish nuance, the great of our conscience to appreciate how small we are in relation to the huge world, without mentioning the entire universe. We do not stay in the smallness and fragility of our human capacity but in the contrary, we are raised up by the knowledge of being children of God, being part of the chosen people of God and by reason to understand that we can be part of his kingdom and his glory in heaven.

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This type of experiences fascinated me because it enhances my own understanding of God and how loving and caring is he with those who chooses to follow him. God wisely plan every aspect of my life and every man’s live. I always think in the idea of God being present not only spiritually but in real persons throughout our lives. When I think in my elementary teacher, my catechist, and specially my Mon, she was always there for me, caring at any moment, especially at night if I was sick, or feeding me with the best food she could get, and maybe leaving for her the left over or just a little. She was constantly guiding me and desiring the best for me. God desires one mother for me, and He thought that was so good, that even himself wished to be born from one, his mother Mary.

God’s caring for me is represented in the image of a loving and caring mother, always protecting me and leading me to be the man I am right now. She planted the seed of faith and nurture it with the prayers specially the rosary to our Lady, and the constant attendance to the Eucharist as the food that never fade or perishes. In contrast of what I learn from childhood, God is not a God of punishment who punishes evil harshly as portrayed in some stories on the Old Testament, but a God of companionship and closeness who is loving, merciful, and full of compassion. During my childhood, I remember I learned from catechesis to fear God because of possible punishment for my sins. I would rather wished to fear him out of love and out of a closer personal relationship with him, like the one I have learned to have during my adulthood.

At the most difficult moment, He was there with me, leading me and guiding my actions toward him and helping me to see his plan for my life and my future. When I came to live in New York, I was alone, living in the basement of my friend’s house, it was a time in my live that I experience many hard feelings, such as being far away from my family, I felt sad and discouraged. However, this time was the most important one, because I was able to get closer to God, to recognize and analyze my way of living before this moment, and questioning what should I do differently. I questioned myself, if I die today, what have I done worthy on God’s eyes that I could present to him at the moment of arriving to heaven?

My life changed that day for good, I decided to dedicate my life to do as much good as I could, and to avoid working over-time, many hours to make someone rich and to have no time for services or to do volunteer work, or better to have time for my family. Thanks God for that day. As God interacts with me, I am constantly thinking, thanking, praying and asking Him for guidance and to lead my steps according to the steps of his Son, Jesus Christ. As I start every morning with the sign of the cross, I do the Morning Prayer, and start my day with his grace through the offering of my plans and projects, and any possible difficulty that I may have, so I asked for his strength and his light to see what I need to see and understand whatever wasn’t clear. 

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