History of American Football

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American football can be traced back to the 1869 historic period, when it was coined from rugby and soccer. During the period, college students would compete against one another, and the rules of soccer would apply. Over time, the rules of the game have been changed and new introduction have been associated with concepts such as the snap, the forward pass, just to mention a few. Other factors including the shape and the size of the ball have all influenced the game. Popular in the US, the American football is highly associated with the US culture to the extent that it defines it.

Developing the Event

Having watched the event and its link to the historical data collected, it is evident that the American football has experienced enormous development. Being an abrasive game for instance, players are now expected to wear safety gears that can protect them from injury. The violent nature was associated with snaps and collisions, where there existed highly physical collisions. Overtime, safety of players has improved.

Major Concerns

Issues of safety are a major concern. To ensure safety, a new tactics referred to as, blocking was introduced. Moreover, a new scoring system was unveiled, with points being awarded for players who maintained safety. However, the fact that the game was still violent considering the massive causalities it created led to the creation of an association that brought an assortment of restrictions, which included the forward pass. To prevent brain injury, players are required to wear a helmet. Shoulder pads are also significant additional safety padding. Mouth guard, knee pads, protectors to the chest and thighs are also quite significant.


Play time for American football was also reduced. The game is played for four twelve-minute quarters. This is against the traditional seventy minutes.

Crowd Control

American football is a very popular game in the US and attracts huge crowds. Evidently, like any other game, fans can affect the safety of the players as well as other supporters, and hence the need to procure the services of police officers. Some of the safety measures put in place in the events include gate checks, where no one is allowed to access the stadium with a weapon. While attending one of the events, a metal detector was used to check for presence of weapons, before being allowed in. During the game, a standby security service officers are manning the field to ensure that no stranger accesses the field. Throwing of objects in the pitch is also discouraged.

Economic Considerations, Revenues, Issues with Vendors and Concessions

American football is played professionally, with players being awarded handsomely for their participation. Professional, playing begun in 1982, when athletes were paid $500 for participation. Before then, indirect benefits such as assisting players to gain employment would be offered. Some would be given trophies. However, in the recent times, there exists professional teams including the National Football League (NFL) which can be considered as the franchise of the game, and helps players to earn enough income. American football is thus considered as a business no a days and more than a sport.

Staff Members and their Job Descriptions

The management of American football is quite demanding and requires an assortment of professional individuals. The field judge is required to monitor the play clock and is responsible for watching rules violation by players including using their hands illegally, making passes that are offensive as well as counting the number of players on the field. The referee controls the game and is required to make an interpretation of the rules. He is required to make decisions in regard to penalties and can request for any measurements while on the field. He may also eject a player and notify the coach. The referee has the responsibility to record timeouts numbers, and assists the referee to make decisions in regard to ball possessions. Besides, he is required to ensure that the safety equipment adorned by the players are legal. The head linesman has a responsibility to watch for inappropriate use of the hands and makes sure that players do not make illegal moves while in the field. Besides, the line judge is responsible for supervising the manner in which players are substituted in the field. The center judge has similar responsibility as the referee, except that he cannot announce a penalty.

The Nature of Promotional Tools

American football is highly associated with the American culture. Apart from being a hobby for many individuals, the game has been promoted as a national event. For instance, the Super Bowl is regarded as a national holiday to some, to the extent that it has been correlated to a spiritual event. Football bowl games may be played on New Year’s Day. Moreover, it has been associated with Thanksgiving Day, where by thanksgiving football is played among amateur high school students also. Therefore, national holidays are being used to promote the game, an indication that it will seldom be forgotten within the American psyche. American football has also been promoted in Canada, Mexico, and London. It is expected that football will be promoted in other countries to make it a global event.


The game can be played in any weather. Players adorn protective gears to cushion them from adverse weather. However, the game can be suspended in periods of storms.

Express Gratitude to the Employees and Facility Clean-Up

The success of the game can be credited to support and main staffs. Staffs may include those who offer cleaning services to the facility and those who keep the pitch in good condition. Moreover, security staffs are quite indispensable. Thanking them for their input motivates them to remain passionate about service delivery.


Permission is required from state, local and federal government. All social events need to get approvals from local and county governments. This is meant to facilitate security arrangements.

Overall Effectiveness, Promotion and Maintaining a Team Spirit

Overall effectiveness of the game is a collective responsibility. Players also need to play their role and have to overcome any psychological challenges so that they do not express themselves on the pitch. Besides, sponsors who promote the game need to pay for services as agreed upon. Audience also need to play their role by paying their entrance fee and come out in large numbers to cheer their teams.

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