Ohio State Football

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Updated: Jan 09, 2019
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Ohio State Football essay

College football has been around since 1869 and it wasn’t until 1890 that one of the greatest teams to ever play was founded. Ohio State started out small, but soon they created a legacy as one of the greatest NCAAF teams ever. From the titles won to the heisman winners to one of the best defenses ever. Ohio State is, proven, to be one of the best teams ever with the biggest rivalry, as some say, in all of sport history.

The Buckeyes, undoubtedly are one of the best right now ranked 10th and going on to face Maryland. But they didn’t start out good as some might think. Back in the late 1890’s they were a independent team, which means that they faced random teams in no particular order each year. It was only until 1902 that they joined the Ohio Athletic Conference or OAC. They won two conference championships until 1912 when they joined the Big Ten Conference of B1G. Their first national championship was in 1942 under head coach Paul Brown.

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Later in 1951 they hired Woody Hayes. As their head coach, Hayes lead them to 200 total wins, 13 Big Ten championships, and five national championships, 1954, 1957, 1961, 1968, and 1970. He also lead them to four Rose Bowl wins. After Hayes, Earle Bruce and John Cooper, both as head coaches had seven conference championships between them. Later in 2001 Jim Tressel was hired as the new head coach and lead the Buckeyes to seven big ten championships plus winning five bowl games.

They also have seven heisman winners that include, quarterback Troy Smith is the most recent of 2006, then running back Eddie George of 1995, next is running back Howard Cassady of 1955, as well as running back Vic Janowicz of 1950, and quarterback Les Horvath of 1944 as the first Buckeye to win the heisman. The best of the Buckeyes and possibly best running back ever is Archie Griffin winning two back to back heisman awards in 1974 and 1975.

One of the best teams requires having good players. And Ohio State is no short of that at all. The Buckeye offense is ranked 10th in the NCAA and has some pretty phenomenal players. Their quarterback, Dwayne Haskins has had nothing short of a spectacular season. This season he has 3,280 passing yards, 33 touchdowns, and only 6 interceptions. He is playing better than you would expect a sophomore to be. Next up are Ohio State’s running backs. Plural.

They have been rotating their two top running backs, JK Dobbins and Mike Weber though it would seem that recently they have started to use Dobbins alot more than Weber. So far this season Dobbins has 712 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns. Weber has one rushing yard less than Dobbins at 711 but he only has 4 touchdowns. Then they have a few pretty good wide receivers. Johnnie Dixon junior, KJ Hill junior, Paris Campbell senior, and Austin Mack. Mack was injured against Purdue. Paris Campbell is not only a wide receiver but also a running back as well.

He is what you call a “hybrid” player. Then there is the defense. Ohio State is 13th in the NCAA for defense. Their recent star is the defensive end, Chase Young, with seven sacks and 26 tackles with negative 80 yards against all teams they’ve faced. The most devastating thing for the Buckeyes was in week three against TCU when their best player, Nick Bosa, little brother of NFL left end Joey Bosa, suffered a core muscle injury. He decided after surgery not to play again because he wants to stay healthy as he is expected to be the top pick in the NFL draft. Nick is said to be like his brother Joey who is a star left end for the Chargers but it is said that Nick is supposed to be much better. Only one way to find out.

There is one rivalry in all of the NCAA that is by far the biggest and baddest. THE GAME is said to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, rivalry in all of sports history. So far Ohio State has had a 6 year win streak against Ohio. But this year, “that team up north” plans to slice the streak and make it come to an end. Ohio State’s chance to beat Michigan is 45.7 so anything could happen.

Ohio State is by far one of the best. It doesn’t matter whether you like Alabama or Oregon or even the Wolverines themselves. You still have to respect what they’ve done. They’ve left a long legacy that is still growing to this day.

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