Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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In 1820 through 1845, Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson were two famous political figures of that time. Both went against each other during the presidential election, and both had a different approach to politics. Andrew jackson was a Democratic- Republican, he was best knowns as a war hero, while clay was the leader of the Whig party, best known as an influential speaker of congress.

Today we all know that jefferson won the presidential election and he became the 7th president of the united states but, If I had been a voter at that time, which considering the period of time it would had been impossible for me as a women to vote, I would had voted for Henry Clay because of his effective way of communication skills.

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Henry clay was a famous congressman also known as the great compromiser. He believed that congress served as representative of the people, “Clay believed Congress—as the elected representatives of the people—should be the driving force behind public policy and should use its powers to set up institutions and pass legislation to support economic development.” in contrast to clay’s beliefs, jackson seeked more power, but at the same time believed he was “the direct representative of the people.” he would promise to maintain the independence of the people.

In 1844 three thousand female supporters of clay, dressed in matching outfits showed up at “ a litchfield, connecticut, rally, while a group of philadelphia women stitched a quilt for clay because “ one who has so striven for the good of his country deserves our love.” i do like to think that i would of had been one of those women supporting Clay.

When choosing a president it is important to take into account their character because it is what influences their decision making. It is of great importance that a president is someone that can work well with others and that when in disagreement, he is able to take into account the opinions of others who believe in a different manner, and that he is able to look past his own wants and beliefs, to think about what is best for the country. During his campaign, jackson promised to fight corruption and reform the laws.

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