Harriet’s Rough Beginning

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Harriet Tubman

Imagine being born into slavery with all your family members. That’s how Harriet Tubman’s life was. However, she knew one day she can escape from this. Before this she was born throughout 1800 – 1820, her exact birthday is unknown. Harriet is really brave girl. By the age of five Tubman’s owners wanted to rent her to be their slave. Her owners abused her all the time but this didn’t stop her from acting so bad. Her owner Edward Brodas owned her and her mother Harriet Green and her father Benjamin Ross.

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Having to be a slave is hard.

Harriet Reaching The Stars

Harriet got hit in the head by a metal weight and this damaged her sleeping a lot. So Harriet decided to escape but try not to get caught because if she did she’ll get whipped. Harriet hated when she would get whipped because she thought what she did was wrong wasn’t so wrong. Harriet knew the time will come soon enough to leave this horrible place to be. When Harriet didn’t listen and knew she was going to have a consequence so she will hide with the pigs. She’ll also hide with them when she got hungry during nighttime. By midnight she’ll return home thinking her owner was sleeping, little did she know her owner stayed up all night until she got home and whipped her. Harriet hated this happening to her so she will try not to be so early.

Harriet’s Marveolus Move

Harriet wanted to leave this place as she called “hell.” She wants to make an escape with her siblings. So Harriet gathered all her stuff and was ready to make this big move and it was the time they were ready for the run. They were running nonstop until her brother’s wanted to go back. Harriet got so mad at them because she was hoping she can go alone. A few nights later she went as soon midnight came by.

The Marvelous Ride of the Underground Railroad

Harriet left this place of hell now she knew she wanted segregation right away she she went through the Underground Railroad so she thought of and idea of leading people here with her. She agreed with the people that help throughout the Underground Railroad. When Harriet escaped it was around the Civil Rights movement. So she knew she was going to go back and free thousands of slaves. While on the adventure she said “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”(From Brainy Quote) She means how much effort she put into freeing slaves.This was her job. If she got caught she would be in so much trouble. While freeing slaves if they ever wanted to turn back she will turn a gun at them and pretend that she will shoot to make them think twice of what they said or did. She didn’t mess around. She just wanted equality and she fought for women’s rights. Harriet wanted everyone to be treated right.

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