Every Story has a Character

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Updated: Jun 16, 2019
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Every Story has a Character essay

Every story has a character who is a hero and fights the monster they are presented with. Beowulf is named after the hero Beowulf who was the main character, Beowulf was declared a hero after he fought three battles to become a hero; he fought Grendel, Grendel’s mom, and finally a dragon.

The first battle he fought to become to become a hero was Grendel. Grendel was terrorizing Hrothgar’s kingdom for twelve winters. Beowulf heard of the problem Hrothgar was having and wanted to help him. He went killing Grendel, and at first Grendel got the first Geat he saw and started eating him. Grendel then went to Beowulf and Beowulf grabbed Grendel’s arm with his bare hands. Grendel wanted to run away, but Beowulf ripped off his arm. Grendel then left wounded as he fled to his den. Beowulf puts Grendel’s arm up so everyone can see that Grendel was finally defeated. He became a hero after defeating Grendel because he showed everyone he could kill the monster with his bare hands.
The second battle Beowulf fought was Grendel’s mom. After Beowulf defeated Grendel, Grendel’s mom found out and she was mad they killed her only son. Grendel’s mom went to Hrothgar’s kingdom and got Hrothgar’s closest friend to get revenge for killing her only son, and she takes her son’s arm. Beowulf went to the lake where Grendel’s mom lived. He went to go kill her, but Beowulf’s weapons did not work because his swords would not cut Grendel’s mom skin.

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Grendel’s mom took out a huge knife and tried to stab Beowulf in the shoulder, but his mail shirt did not let it go through Beowulf saw this old sword that was made from the giants and cut Grendel’s mom in the neck which finally killed her. Beowulf finds Grendel head and cuts Grendel’s head off to take it to his king to show the king the monster is dead. He also takes the sword but it melts when he was going to shore. Beowulf is the town’s hero due to the fact that he took on two monsters no one wanted to face with one being harder than the first one. Finally, they are defeated thanks to Beowulf’s bravery.

Finally, the last battle Beowulf fought was a dragon. The dragon had many treasures in a cave, and while the dragon was asleep a slave stole a cup full of gold from the dragon, because he had ran away from his owner. The man did not want to die, so he gave his owner the gold cup so he would not kill him. The dragon was mad the slave stole treasure from him and he wanted to get it back. Beowulf said he was going to fight the dragon alone like all his other battles because he won all his other battles alone therefore he believes he can win this one too. Beowulf takes fourteen warriors with him. Beowulf’s shield melted with the dragon’s flame.

Then Beowulf stabbed the dragon and the dragon bit Beowulf in the neck. Wiglaf realizes Beowulf is getting beaten, so he goes and helps Beowulf by stabbing the dragon in the belly, and Beowulf cuts the dragon in half. In this battel, Beowulf proved his loyalty in being king and having a title of a hero.

Beowulf is a hero in this book because he showed his strengths when he fought Grendel first, then Grendel’s mom, finally when he fought the dragon. He always showed he would not back down from a battle whether it was easy or hard. Everyone said he was a hero because he helped everyone with their problems. While he was king, his warriors never had to fight in a single battle because Beowulf would never let anything bad happened to his own town and neighbors. In this whole story it shows how Beowulf becomes a hero more in each battle he fought he showed his bravery, loyalty, honor, his physical strength, and that he is willing to risk his life for other people. He showed more in each battle he is the hero of the book.

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