Dreaming is not Bad: Find Motivation to Achieve your Goals

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There is a dream – run to her.

As you know, a person easily finds time for what he really wants.
There is always a very strong motivation – such that it takes your breath away. When day and night with a burning gaze, very fast (and often confused) speech, you can think and talk only about this, ideas gush one after another. There are always many fallbacks here, how else you can achieve what you want if some of the chosen paths do not work. I don’t want to sleep at all, eat – through force and only if someone reminds me, (or even better – just put a plate next to it). In this state, you can really move mountains.

However, as a rule, this strategy is only suitable for those plans that can be completed fairly quickly, a maximum of a couple of weeks. Further, the body begins to get tired and stall, no matter what external motivators urge you on. Self-preservation instinct includes overt or covert sabotage, and this is a sure sign that you are no longer fit for emergency work. It is necessary to pause, look for helpers or simplify the task at hand.

But what if there is no way to postpone, otherwise the opportunity will be completely missed? Is there any way you can help yourself to prolong your state of combat performance?

Yes, you can. The keyword here is the state. That is, it can be artificially triggered and heated. Remember any moment in your life when you were really burning with something. When inspiration went off scale. It doesn’t matter when and for what reason it was – you were excitedly looking forward to your 16th birthday party; you worked with enthusiasm on some interesting project for you; you were in love and did everything to win a loved one; you really wanted to get some kind of position, grant, win a competition.

Immerse yourself in these memories. Pay attention to how you breathe at this moment, what internal images are now flashing before your eyes, how the characteristic “itching” appears in your hands, how the body itself jumps up from activity, and thoughts rush at a frantic speed. If you remember in detail, at the level of bodily sensations, this state and try to strengthen it, remember, and hold for some time, then you can easily transfer this state to your today’s task. There is nothing difficult here – try it.

Think about the benefits of making your dreams come true – what other good things these results will bring you. Perhaps this will be an excellent springboard for career growth. Maybe it will bring you recognition from people who are important to you, raise your self-esteem, even more, bring you unforgettable new sensations, or bring you closer to a sense of self-realization.

Draw an image of the “improved” self that you really would like to be someday, and place this enticing image in your future.

Then your dream (maybe quite modest at first glance) will start to seem much more motivating and beautiful. And then you can really “drop everything” and rush to her in full sail.

If you can’t run to a dream, go to it
It also happens that your dream is from the category of long-term projects. Indeed, most people find it very difficult to burn with desire for many months or even years and continue to purposefully do something in order to bring this dream closer.

What can help here is a well-developed plan of what, when, and how you can do (sometimes at the level of the smallest steps) to move towards your goal.

What resources will you need and whose help can you attract? What do you already know and what skills do you still have to learn to implement your plans? What information you might need and where to collect it? If you need money, how do you get it?

To follow this plan, and not just write it, you too, of course, need a certain amount of motivation. But it may not be as strong and adrenaline-filled as in the case of “run to the dream.” You will need patience, perseverance, and the ability to honestly praise yourself for every little step you take.

And at the same time, don’t make sticking to the plan a chore and burden. Remember that you are doing this for your loved one, and precisely because it brings you closer to your beloved dream. Remind yourself regularly that this is what you wanted to achieve, and why you are so important to you.

Be flexible both in terms of the goal itself and in terms of the means to achieve it. As you move towards the dream, in fact, it may turn out that some of the details from your initial “picture of the achieved result” are either not so important or too difficult to implement. So, for example, if, ideally, you would like to open your own art gallery “in the very center of Moscow”, but it turned out that the Kremlin is already in this place, this is not a reason to give up your dream altogether – just the building of your gallery can be moved away a couple of kilometers to the side. And it will be flexible at the level of goal setting when you adjust the very picture of the dream. Flexibility at the level of means of achieving a dream is manifested in a slightly different way – your gallery will still be located in the Kremlin, but you need to find the right people who will help you sell this idea to the city administration.

So – have a nice trip to your dreams! And don’t forget to enjoy the results when you achieve them!

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