Domestic Violence with Children

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Even though domestic violence for adults is harmful enough to lead to suicide children play a tremendou role in this by affecting their development growth and high risk of depression, Exposure to domestic violence impact children in different types of ways because children exposed to domestic violence usually never recover from it and can follow up to affect their future family and this affects children’s education, social, emotional, and behavioral growth though it’s different with every kid.

According to the United States Department of Justice domestic violence is a form of abusive behavior in which someone who tries to gain or maintain control over you.

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It is defined as a pattern of abusive and threatening behaviors. There are many ways children can experience abuse. A victim can be a female or a male and children are usually the target in a abusive relationship of a parents they end up taking it out on their own child. Domestic violence also means children being forced to live with the abuser for not having anyone or no one to talk to they have to live in fear and feel powerless.

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Physical abuse is the most detectable type of domestic violence it is a way on when someone is resulted with an injury, it can either be caused by a slap, cut, bruises or put down on retrains pain in your body is the result of physical abuse. This abuse is never accidental it causes serious long lasting harmful cases. Unexplained broken bones, suffering from violence are all part of physical abuse.

Emotional abuse is another type this abuse may not leave real physical marks but doesn’t mean it isn’t a real problem. This abuse is a verbal assault, humiliation that involves words, and actions that makes you feel self worth. Words are really hurtful even more when directed towards children physiological and development growth is usually the outcome of emotional abuse in children it can also include a lifelong pattern of depression.

Child sexual abuse is a type of sexual abuse that are involved with sexual activities with a minor/child. This crime leaves long lasting effects on the child the victim for years or actually can even be forever. Any form of contact with a child or teen or many different acts are sexual abuse. If a victim has signs like bloody underpants, depression, bathing constantly are pretty much signs of abuse. This crime is also called rape because by forcing a child to have sexual activities with you is a crime.

Neglect abuse is lastly the one abuse used with children it is defined as a type of maltreatment. To be neglect to a child is when parents or custodian who doesn’t or won’t meet a child’s needs. A neglected child usually may be malnourished, or always sick or never at school. Not giving affection to your child is also neglect, a lot of children suffer from medical conditions due to not having attention partners not caring. Neglect comes in different types it can be physical, emotional, mental, medical abuse.

Undirected domestic violence with children is very rare to catch because child are more timid and can be threatened and be scared to speak. There is like 72 percent of children who go unidentified at a victim of domestic violence. Usually the only reason domestic violence is identified is when they go seeking medical care most of the time they can identify that you have or are being abused. Also children may not speak because they know or love with the abuser, this makes it even more harder for children to speak up they feel trapped and feel like they have no power.

The signs of domestic violence are like developing signs of physiological distress and can affect the development of a child. Child become usually more aggressive or they show anti social behavioral or suffer from depression and anxiety and mostly have trouble at school like not doing well with grades etc. Children also show signs like being fearful or anxious scare to do something wrong or looks or seems to not be attached to their caregiver not wanting to go home from school can also be signs. Some other signs are are like having bruises everywhere, unidentified broken bones etc.

Symptoms of domestic violence are having mental health diagnoses like depression, trauma it also makes if difficult for children to rest or relax. These symptoms that I’m about to list are caused by stress and the tension of living like that they like having headaches, chronic pain which is a kind of pain that lasts for more than like 12 weeks. They can also loss interests in school or any fun activities they’ve enjoyed in the past or they usually isolate themselves and want to be alone these are all symptoms of domestic violence.

Somethings we can do to minimize the risk of domestic violence are like reporting any incident we or witnesses. There are many cases in which people whiteness this abuse and don’t do nothing which makes you also the victimizer which means your doing bad as the abuser is. Reducing the risk of domestic violence with children is not gonna ruin there life if there being abused by their caregiver you should never hesitate to call social services or get help and report this incident because the longer a child victim goes through this the longer it takes the to recover it can be very long lasting or even be traumatized for life.

What are some risk factors? Risk factors on children are factors that can lead the child to even become vulnerable to abuse. These risk factors can be located in a child’s background or the parents themselves or who ever the caregiver is. Some factors are like family going or experiencing a vary of stress, or a child being the product of an abusive relationship, or usually parent is abusing drugs or had a mental illness. There can also be some childhood trauma which means the child will grow up feelings like he’s over possessed. Lack of trust is one of the really risk factors when child taken to a new home trust will be the number one things they won’t have they’ll want to be anti social.

There are a lot of effects that comes out with children suffering from domestic violence. Some effects are like if you have been abused throughout your childhood the child is more likely to grow up and abuse their children but that is y’all not always the case. Also children being witness of abuse of one of the parents by the other can lead to hatred to the child and want to murder the abuser this cases children never recover. Also, the children again who witnessed Thai violence seem to think they are the blame and just live in constant fear.

Child’s death in abuse and violence are the result of domestic violence. The World Health Organization has estimated that there has been 41,000 homicides deaths of abused children. Children have been killed from beatings or have committed suicide. Usually children under the age of 15 are more targeted and abused because they are more vulnerable and sometimes don’t have nowhere to go and are scared to call out for help. There is like 25 percent of children victim that go to the hospital because are in very bad conditions but the other 75 percent are not treated and usually leads them to death.

Some ways we can help children who have suffered from domestic violence or have witnessed it are by first gaining their trust the child had lost all the trust they’ve had they are in fear and are scared to give in. Other things you can do is be with them and try to make a connection, check in them regularly these children who have suffered from domestic violence need social support, also let the child leading talk sometimes it’s better if they lead, lastly you can be a great listener listening to them can help you have a better connection and make the children feel comfortable that someone cares and do not pressure them you should take everything slowly.

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There are a lot treatments developed for children with domestic violence like therapy which is like having a counselor that help children talk about what has happened and finds solutions this can take up to years to be cure because some children aren’t easy to break the silence. Therapy also gives them a safe personal space where they can relax. Going into a safer home and being safe like a foster home sounds scary but there are many places where children will be treated the way they should. Another things there brain has been affected and there are some development issues doctors need to help with that by helping regain hour growth because it has been tramitaseis and scared that can make the kid even mentally helpless.

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