Did Thomas Jefferson Like Andrew Jackson?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Jackson’s achievements are how he successfully led american forces in many battles, he became the seventh president of the united states, and how he rose to the national prominences as major general in the war of 1812. Jackson impacted the nation by leading americans successfully into our battles. If jackson was never our president so many things would’ve changed, for instance the cherokees’ would still be in there land and the trail of tears would never be made and there’s a possibility that the first national bank would have not been shut down.

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Jackson sought to advance the rights of the “common man” against a corrupt “aristocracy” and to preserve the union. Jackson was the nation’s first frontier president, and his election marked a turning point in american politics, as the center of political power shifted from east to west. The pro-Jacksonites became the Democrats and the anti-Jacksonites were known as the whig party. Jackson’s challenges were the cherokee indians cause jackson let people live on their territory and they didn’t like other people living on their land so Jackson removed the cherokee from their land. The next challenge was the first national bank because there was an argument deciding if they should keep it or deny it but Jackson held his ground and destroyed the bank. The last challenge is the tariff issue of 1828 which nearly divided the nation.

Now on to Jefferson, Jefferson’s achievements are how he abolished the slave trade, was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, and serving as our third president from 1801 to 1809. Jefferson impacted the nation by making the Declaration of Independence because without it then we wouldn’t have our rights we have today. Also by abolishing the slave trade because if he didn’t then we would probably still have slaves around. He also impacted the nation by being our president because if he wasn’t then slaves would probably still be around and the declaration of independence would not have been made. Jefferson saw all men equal and wanted to end slavery because he believed it was wrong he was asked to write the Declaration of Independence, which explained why the thirteen colonies wanted to be free of british rule and was about the importance of individual rights and freedoms. Jefferson’s challenges were with the federalists because they tried to vote against him, another issue was with our relationship with other countries. The last issue was that neither country wanted to trade with one another. Jackson faced more problems dealing with the cherokees while jefferson had a problem with the federalist. I think jefferson is more successful because he wrote the declaration and because he kinda stopped the slave trade. He gave us our individual rights so that’s why I think jefferson is better than jackson.

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