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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Business Communications

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful business. This essay would dissect the nuances of business communications, from written memos to verbal negotiations, discussing their importance in team collaboration, stakeholder relations, and organizational success. Modern challenges like remote communication might also be addressed. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Behavior Modification topic.

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Students are affected by stress in multiple ways. Demands placed by parents or guardians to the students on attaining top grades or poor performance can be a cause of stress. As a result, students can accumulate stress if they are not able to properly act on this pressure from the set demands. Stress can result in poor grades, low self-esteem, aggression and poor concentration in class. It has both direct and indirect effects on the students. This paper will seek to discuss three ways in which the students and school can use to elude stress and also identify a few personal examples on how stress was lessened as a result of that action.

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The school can introduce regular after school-hours to offer extra help to the students.

This can take the form of one on one session between the tutors and the students. The after school-hours can also between the students and their peers. It can also involve a student and a psychological professional who helps the student to overcome stress related to their coursework and also other matters that the student needs to be addressed. Over the course of time, research has been conducted and there has been some strong correlation between improved grades and working habits in class due to student participation in after school-hours to get extra academic assistance (SPARK, 2016).

Students need to have perseverance in order to get the best out of this in dealing with incidences that lead to stress. On one occasion I had difficulties with my Spanish class at the American school of Riyadh. Since it was learning a new language, learning pronunciation of words and correctly constructing Spanish sentences was difficult. After normal school hours were over I visited the teacher in his office to get some help. The tutor personally spent time taking me through the lesson again so I would understand. Where I had difficulties in understanding I would ask a question.

This made me clearly understand the assignment and when the class was given a cat the following week I was among the top in the class. Students can also choose to engage in extracurricular activities to relieve their stress. Students have an option of engaging in sporting activities such as football, aerobics, soccer, baseball or athletics. Regular exercising by the students at least weekly helps to reduce stress (Nane Steinhoff, 2013). It is hugely beneficial to the body and brain as well. It enables the muscles to relax and releases any form of tension the body might have accumulated. Regular exercising helps the body to produce endorphins that make the body feel better. Daily walks can also help to reduce the stress levels but in my perspective intensive work out is much better. Participating and joining clubs involved in sports also helps to reduce stress because one is in regular contact with other people which can help to improve ones mood. The school can ensure they set up a day only for extracurricular activities for everyone to participate in. On another occasion at the American school of Riyadh, I had stress due to the fact that I could not understand a poem and the exams were a few days away. I could understand the styles used in the poem and the stress made me panic and lose concentration. At break hour I escorted my friends to the indoor field track to make a few runs as they did not have exams.

They encouraged me to participate and even though my self-esteem was low I decided to give it a try. This activity made me relax and I hit the shower before going to class. I felt my brain was more relax and I could easily comprehend the poem. Teachers should also ensure that they offer enough time for assignments to be done. By doing this they ensure that the students take their time in doing the assignment without any pressure. The students are able to relate and apply what they have learned in class in the assignments they have been given. They are therefore able to easily identify concepts and do not easily forget them. As a result, they get to pass their exams and also read on them amply and can in future apply those concepts in another related subject.

This molds the student to be all round and does not perform dismally on any given subject. Students are therefore also able to manage their time in dedicating time to complete their assignment and are able to reduce stress and pressures resulting from hasty submission and copying from fellow students.


It is important that students work with their peers and tutors to ensure they are able to reduce levels of stress to ensure they achieve the best results in their academics and are prosperous in the pursuit of their academic dreams. They should involve in the discussed activities to help them counter the stress levels.


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