The Advantages of Online Learning over Traditional

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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The Advantages of Online Learning over Traditional

This essay will explore the benefits of online learning compared to traditional classroom education. It will discuss aspects like flexibility, accessibility, personalized learning, and the incorporation of technology. The piece will also address how online learning can be effective for different types of learners. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to Behavior Modification.

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Online schooling is a tool that can be used by many more students because of the benefits that is offers. The benefits strongly outweigh the negatives. By using online schooling students would be able to have a flexible schedule, a comfortable environment, lower cost and debts, lessons in self discipline and responsibility, and it gives the student a greater pool of courses to choose from.

With using online schooling, the student will be able to choose their own learning environment. It could be a bedroom, a local gym or even the starbucks next door.

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With online school, students will be able to listen to the professors’ lectures on their headphones wherever and whenever they want. If the student is taking an online class, they don’t have to waste time commuting everyday to the classes they need to go to. That means that they can attend class in the comfort of their own home with nice music playing in the background. This takes the stress off the students. they no longer have to get worked up about missing an important lecture or test.

Studying online means that students only have to pay for tuition and books. One of the big costs that students can avoid by using online schooling is the cost of housing. By using online schooling students can dodge the prices that it costs to live near the university which according to U.S.News is around $11,000 to $17,000 per year. Students steer clear of the price of transportation. Both of these benefits combined lead to a lower cost education . This is one of the very strong benefits that online schooling offers. People who can’t afford to go to a school or they simply don’t have the time to can really take advantage of online schooling and learn the same material where they want whenever they want.

No one ever said that having more self discipline is a disadvantage, right? It is common sense that studying online requires a greater amount of self discipline than a regular class because there is no one around you to tell you to stay on top of your work. The student has to be motivated enough to learn the material on their own. Online courses will not only teach students information about the class they signed up for but it will also teach them skills that are required for a successful life such as self motivation and and self discipline.

Some of the disadvantages that come with online schooling is that it requires an enormous amount of self discipline and requires an even bigger amount of self motivation.

Just like any other class, online courses will have tests and deadlines. The main difficulty with this is that students will need a huge amount of time management skills to keep up with the course work. This is one of the main reasons that a student who usually procrastinates is most likely not a good candidate for an online course. They will lose track of their work and most likely fail the course.

A normal college program will usually demand that students have to meet advisors to help the students plan their next years through college. If students don’t go through the traditional system and they go through an online school, students will need to make sure that they are taking the correct courses to earn their degree. With wrong information it can delay a student from receiving that degree. This is why students who plan to take all their classes online will need to make sure and double check that they are taking the correct classes for their four year plan.

Another disadvantage to taking classes online is that it might require that the students put in more work than a regular class. Online courses will also usually involve more reading than a traditional class. Most online classes will usually be at least 8 or 9 hours per week but according to U.S.News education, it is normal for a class to demand around 15 to 20 hours per week which can mess with many peoples schedules and will drive people away from online school.

One last downside to online school is that there is little to no face to face interaction.

Yes, i know it sounds like common sense but students will usually undervalue knowing their peers in their classes and most importantly, their professor. It is still possible to meet and become acquainted with classmates, but in an online course it requires much more work and is much more difficult to create relationships with classmates.

Even though there are many downsides to online schooling there are also lots of benefits to online schooling. A strong benefit of online schooling is that online schooling will have a

much greater variety of classes that students are able to enroll in. Students now are able to do everything online now. Students can do a full four years of school and complete everything all online. One great benefit is the variety of classes in an online setting. Every class a student needs such as english or something like art history can all be found and completed online. Not only do students have a great variety of classes to choose from but they also are completely eligible to earn every different academic degree online, even a doctorate.

One of the biggest benefits to online schooling is that it can be self paced. If you plan to enroll in an online class and are searching for them, some classes will say that they are self paced. What exactly does this convey? It means that the student is able to control when he/she is going to finish the course and can adjust the times to their own schedule. Students who attend a normal university will have to adjust their schedule to the schedule of their classes while students who take advantage of online self paced learning will be have the freedom of choosing what to do with their time and how they make their schedule. A self paced class lets the student go at their own tempo.

Self paced online classes also do not demand that students attend lectures which means that the student is able to completely control how fast they go in the course. Students who take an online self paced class have the luxury of going at the pace that suits their needs. This is one of the biggest advantages to online schooling. This is something that the normal system of schooling can not offer and this is one of the many reasons that people opt for online classes instead of regular classes.

The benefits of online schooling such as being able to study in the comfort of their own home, having lower cost and debts, having a wider choice in classes to enroll in, and being in a self paced class are only some of the benefits that can come with online schooling. Another benefit that can come with online schooling is that students can use online school as an opportunity to teach themselves self discipline. Many students who enroll in online classes do not have the motivation to log in and finish their coursework every day which is why they can use this as a way to teach themselves responsibility and self discipline. While there are only a few downsides to online schooling there are tons of benefits that come with it which is why online schooling should be used by more students around the world.

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