National Junior Honor Society: a Journey of Character and Leadership

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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National Junior Honor Society: a Journey of Character and Leadership

This essay will describe the journey and experiences associated with being a part of the National Junior Honor Society. It will discuss the organization’s focus on character development, academic excellence, leadership, and community service. The piece will reflect on how membership in this society prepares students for future challenges and civic engagement. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Personal Experience.

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I know I will be a good candidate for the National Honor Society. I am a good candidate because I am very reliable, compassionate, and hard-working. I have never missed a day of work, I always help those in need, and I am goal oriented. In this essay, you will see how my character, leadership, service, and scholarship will contribute to the National Honor Society.

Exemplifying Leadership and Service

I believe I have a positive outlook on my reaction to criticism.

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In dance, you are continuously learning by getting corrections. Getting corrected is a way you learn from your mistakes. One way I use perseverance is to strive to meet my goal of going to college. I am also honest and trustworthy. I strive to be that way in all aspects of my life. I exhibit responsibility by completing all assigned school work and taking any extra credit I can get. Another part of my character is my tolerance and compassion. For example, when one student was talking about a different student’s financial situation, instead of causing a scene, I reached out to my teacher and explained what they said and how it made me feel. People do not know what it feels like to be in that situation, but I do. I have been in the same situation as the other student, and I wanted to show that it is not okay to discuss other people in a negative way. When someone in my family is sick or needs help, I always help them first before tending to my needs.

I always properly and efficiently complete my school work promptly. Once I make up my mind, I can not be convinced to change my mind. On top of my schooling, I also do chores at home. I work part-time. I am in two different dance classes. I also am in an after-school dance program called Dance Ensemble. This past fall, I donated blood as well. I donated blood because, without a selfless person donating, my mom would not be here today.


I demonstrate courtesy to students, staff, and visitors by always showing everyone the utmost respect they deserve. In the future, I am going to be a forensic scientist. I plan to attend a community college for my first year. I can take the first-year classes out of the way. So when I go to university, I can take the courses I need to graduate and succeed in my future career. Ever since I was a kid, I have dreamt of being a forensic scientist. Being in the National Honor Society will help me achieve my dream.


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