Our Duty our Honor our Country

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What does the three words duty, honor, country mean to you? These words are more than just simple definitions, but are the keywords that define us as true patriotic Americans. These words are what every true American should try their best to follow and fulfill. These words shape not just us as individuals, but our country as a whole. Without duty, honor, country, America could not be nearly as strong as it is today.

Obviously, in order to fulfill these three words, you have to understand what each of them mean. Duty is the act of serving your country whether it be through military service, emergency services, working an everyday job, or even just helping out your community with community service. By fulfilling our duty we help keep our country together and strong. Honor is the act of showing respect to your country by saluting during the national anthem or doing the pledge to the American flag every morning, but it also means to respect your fellow Americans as well. Showing respect to each other and our country makes our bond as a country even stronger. Country is the act of putting your country before yourself, whether it be to help your fellow Americans in time of need, or enlisting to help fight off an enemy force. By fulfilling this, we, of course, make our country stronger.

Now as for I, I am still young, so my actions for this country are not quite that significant as of now, though there are a few ways that I have fulfilled the meanings of duty, honor, country. For example, I have done a good amount of community service for my community by assisting with the local recycling center, picking up trash around my community, and even helping my fellow Americans with any work they needed to get done at times. By doing this I have shown acts of duty. As for honor, I ensure that I fully say the pledge every morning, and always make sure to stand tall and salute whenever I hear the national anthem play, along with showing kindness and respect to my fellow Americans and peers. By doing this, I have shown acts of honor towards my country. For country, I haven’t really done much if i’m entirely honest. For country, I have assisted in the collection of donations of both toys and money to buy toys in order to provide poor American families with toys in order to ensure that their children get the nice and enjoyable christmas that they deserve. By doing this, I believe that I have shown acts of country.

Showing sacrifice for duty, honor, country is very important for not just our country, but for Americans as a whole. Fulfilling our duty ensures that the country is safe, secured, well-maintained, and continues to grow even stronger. Honor helps ensure that we have pride for our country and that we will always stand tall for our country and our fellow Americans no matter what obstacles we may encounter. Showing sacrifice for country could be the most important of all, though. By showing sacrifice for country, we ensure that our country will stand strong and united for years to come, and shows just how much we care about our country. By showing sacrifice for duty, honor, country, we are ensuring that our country continues to stay strong, grow stronger, and allows Americans to become even more united as one.

As Americans, we must always ensure that we are doing our best to fulfill the ideals of duty, honor, country. We must be willing to stand strong and do what it takes to make our country proud. We do this by helping out our communities, serving in the armed forces, the emergency services, or even in an everyday job, along with showing respect to each other and our colors. We must be willing to show sacrifice in order to ensure that our country stands tall, strong, and united. Now, what will you do in order to fulfill your duty, your honor, and your country?

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