This i Know Duty Honor Country

These words to people can mean different things or come in different ways when they hear them it be about a story or a expeirence they had but for me i will tell you what these mean to me.

So what do these words mean to mean duty,honor,and country. Well it quit simple when you put it like that. First is duty what does it mean it means a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility.

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For me it a action to do something to hold it down or to fix the problem really a duty can be anything it depends on how you can take it. For me tho its about doing the thing or the action right and just not messing it up like you depend on someone you expect them to get the job done right well that goes for me to i feel the same way. I think the coolest part about it tho is knowing someone can depend on you and ask that task to get done by you. It kinda makes me feel proud of myself when someone ask me caues it tells me they can count on me and i love it when people know i can complete this task for them in the right way and on the first time.

Now honor this on is very special to me i have my reasons why well it all started when my real dad left my life and i was kinda on my own just with me and my mom. But sooner or later my stepdad came in the picture came in my life when i was about 4. That was a time where i really didn’t know him but he made my mom happy so i gusses he was a good guy. Then later on he started treating me like one of his own kids he never had a son he had daughters which now are my sisters that i love now. As time grew tho we bonded eventually i started calling him my dad and teaching me how to treat women be a gentelman and fixing cars fighting shaving and really all the things you should do with your son so really about 14 years later when im about to turn 18 i wanted to honor him by his last name since he has no son to carry out his name i wanted to to honor him and thank him for all the things he did for me I don’t say it much to him but he’s a great dad. If there’s one thing i have to thank to my real father it’s this thank you for showing me what father i should not become and i hope one day i can live up to my dad expecations since he done all this work on me of rasing me to be a good man so that what honor means to me.

Now my Country that one i am making a sacrifice to by serving in the military always has been my dream to be in the arm forces. Im going in the Air force after school and giving my life to my country. I love this country it has rough times but i am blessed and proud to live in america and just be here. So i want to give back by joining the military and saying i did something for my country and proud to say that not a lot of people can say that and even if they can they should say it out loud. Because you can expect the contry to love you if you have not at least give something back. Act of well being in the arm forces is the best thing i can think of and even better knowing ill be next to people doing the same thing. WE are out there in the field or staying up late to keep our country safe i want to be a part of that.

All these mean very close to me and it just depends on again how you take it and when you read these words what will it mean to you and how you will act upon them and make yourself a better person i already know how these words make me feel. How i can be better and how i can achevie these areas in my own way. In the end it’s up to you on how you want well become a better person even tho you might not want to does not hurt to take these words remember them.

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