Online Education: Pros, Cons, and the Path Forward

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Many students need more time to go to an actual school campus, so they resort to online classes to get their education. They may have jobs they need to attend or a family they need to take care of. However, others may argue that online classes are not worth taking because they may need to teach you something. Taking online classes may have many benefits but may also negatively affect others. Online schools have many advantages as well as disadvantages.

The Benefits of Online Education

Some advantages of having online courses are that you do not have to be in a classroom physically, there are lower costs, you do not need to get ready, and it is optional to interact with anyone for at least a couple of days.

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However, all of that can be figured out if you also go to a traditional class. The cost of not taking online classes may seem like a lot, but in the long run, it is worth it when you have a better job that will be able to help pay off all the money you may owe. Sometimes, interacting with others may be a good thing because you may find the help you need, or you can even help each other out. Online classes may be better after all.

To take online classes, you may have to be “self-disciplined” to encourage yourself to do the work without any teacher or classmate pushing you throughout the class. There will be no one available to remind you what you have to do and motivate you to do your work. Many depend on someone else’s motivation, or they prefer a challenge to compare themselves with others in order to do the work. Adding to this, socializing with others is essential. Although many claim to say that they do not like to interact with others, there are still times when sometimes you do need someone to talk to. Interacting with a teacher in a classroom can be helpful, and they will also be available for any questions asked.

Challenges and Considerations in Online Learning

Another disadvantage of taking online classes may be that any student can cheat easily because no one keeps tabs on them. There is no pressure on the students on whether they will be caught. Instead, they may even pass the class by cheating the whole way. According to a teacher at Madera South, he has personally seen college students cheat their way through tests and quizzes. If the student cheats their way out of the class, in the end, they do not learn anything. Besides cheating their way out of a class, students are expected to do more work than in a regular classroom. They are given a ton of work and expect it to be done by a specific date. As previously stated, some students need more motivation to complete the work.

Online school teachers prefer to give quantity over quality work because they have no special bond with students; they must recognize what should be given out as work. Most teachers notice what their students need more work on and focus more on specific topics. Often, the lectures are scripted, so it does not matter if you do or need help understanding their work; you will still move on to the following lecture.

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