Brave New World Character Analysis

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Huxley made John be someone that felt like how the story would be made, not fitting into a specific place but rather being unique to himself. John much like another character Bernard don’t truly feel as if they are belonging to what they are.

In Brave New World John is called the Savage, his nickname much pretains to the fact that he is not from World State. Even though he is but only half of himself. The other world that Huxley created or would rather put it as setting is New Mexico.

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John doesn’t belong and it’s shown on many occations. “I wanted to do something first I mean, to show you I was worthy of you. Not that I could ever really be that”(Huxley, p.127). Huxely was demonstrating that John didn’t feel like he was leveled with Lenina or could ever be worth as much as she was. The character John was also represented with some kind of morals when it comes to certain aspects of life. “The Savage caught her by her wrists , tore her hands from his shoulders, thrust her roughly away at arms length.”(Huxley, p. 130). Any normal guy whether they are a Savage or a Alpha or just a guy in general would of taken the opportunity to sleep with Lenina if they had it but not John. Huxley made him complex and different that would fit well within either societies.

From a young age Huxley made John feel as if he wasn’t even accepted by his mother Linda.”Don’t, Linda. He shut his eyes, expecting the blow”(Huxley, p. 85). He was so well made that not only feeling the neglect from his mother and knowing that the society doesn’t approve of him.” The boys used to shout at him, But I can read, He said to himself, and they can’t. They don’t even know what reading is”( Huxley, p.87). It made the feeling of being completely different from a young age. With the boys not being able to read but John can and being made fun of because of what he wore. That feeling of being somewhat different mature into feeling like John doesn’t belong anywhere.

John was a character made to be different and feel like he is not apart of anything. Huxley made him be not specific to a certain group and really not fitting into anywhere. He was a perfect representation of that and was executed to the way the story played out. 

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