Biggest Problem in the United States of America is Illegal Immigrants

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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One of the biggest problems that is being discussed in the United States of America is illegal immigrants. An illegal immigrant is someone who lives or works in another country when they do not have the legal right to do so, this is according to the Cambridge dictionary. Now you made wonder why someone would just want to get up and leave their country to just work and live? Or why is this such a big issue in the United States of America? To further along, there is some research in what are some pros and cons for illegal immigrants are to live in The United States.

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Three of the pros of illegal immigrants living in America is immigration diversifies local economies, helps to boost the economy, and illegal immigration will help The United States of America save money.

In fact, having illegal immigrants living in America diversifies local economies by bringing new perspectives. Illegal immigrants bring new perspectives another way because they bring new cultures, point of views, and even different foods. So, for example as it says on Vittana-pros and cons of illegal immigration it states that It offers everyone the chance to experience higher levels of growth because there is more access to information, Illegal immigrants combine their knowledge and skills to that of everyone else to create a stronger, responsive, and more productive outlook. Can you imagine if we all had the same outlook, knowledge and skill as everyone else? We would never grow as people learning the same thing, from the same mindsets. Having illegal immigrants come into the united states would benefit us Americans. We will be different, we will stand out.

This is one of the reasons why America is called a melting pot, a melting pot is a place where a variety of races, cultures, or individuals assimilate into a cohesive whole all according to the Merriam Webster dictionary. So, like it stated it says a variety of cultures and races more the just one is what makes us diversified. You may not even notice that some of the things you like to do, eat or even own are not even from The United States of America. Like for example from the website the New America’s Dual Language Learners National Work Group wrote an article saying, Imagine how it would be without the cultural contributions of immigrants their descendant, America will literally not be simply America. Look at some of the major cites this is where a lot of this diversity takes part in, cities like Chicago, New York, Los angles, and San Antonio, the list can go on. But let’s look at Chicago and what their famous for polish sausage and pizza. Can you even picture yourself never even trying a slice of pizza? Without the cultural contributions of these immigrants you would have probably never had pizza. Another city to look at is New York, New York partakes in an abundance of salsa music and dancing. These are activities that people like to do for exercises, for fun, or even because they love the thought of dancing. These are the cities that attract the most people, the diverse cities and even more business.

Americas common language is English and in the uprising behind English is Spanish. It is a proven fact by that the more languages you speak the more opportunities, money and more knowledge come your way. You will have a higher percent pay if you speak at least two languages, because you will be able to translate to other people. But the thing is how will be able to learn this other language if it weren’t the illegal imigrants that migrated years ago.

You may wonder how do illegal immigrants boost out economy? In fact, very simple and very common. Illegal immigrants boost our economy by all opening their own business and taking all the labor jobs Americans do not want to take. According to the author Crystal Lombardo, she states in her article that illegal immigrants boost our economy because Many of the immigrants find work in cash-under-the-table positions that are needed, but not often worked, by those with citizenship or a legal immigration status, illegal immigrants are willing any job that at least makes some type of money because all they care about is sustaining their family. There is a wealth of American citizens that will not stand under the sun to pick strawberries, oranges, or even apples for low-rate pay. Also, illegal immigrants are willing to take the jobs as a cook, janitor, service jobs in general for a little bit of money. Now if you tell a born American citizen to do service jobs for a living, they will tell you absolutely no. This is because all the illegal immigrants are worried about is providing and protecting their family from things that were happening their countries.

Illegal immigrants will boost our economy because a lot of them open their own business. This helps America because of the illegal immigrant’s production it will better the living standard and help boost economy wherever the decided to put their business. Let’s talk about the major cities again, New York, Chicago, Los Angles, etc. These cities according to Shannon Stapleton are Major immigrant destinations and also economic powerhouses this is because these cities attracted the most illegal immigrants. Also, research shows that illegal immigrants raise local wages. Immigrants owning their own business means that it will create more jobs for American workers, boost demand for consumer goods, and increase Americas GDP this all according to Jason Furman, Danielle Gray. As the reasons that have been written it looks like more then just the illegal immigrants will benefit but also America because it will simply boost our economy.

Subsequently, one of the last pros of illegal immigrants living in the united states will be that it will save America money. One of the reasons is that business will not have to pay the illegal immigrants’ taxes, also they do not get benefits. Reason being is that they have no social security, without a social security it stops them from receiving any American benefits. America will also save money on work wages, since immigrants will work with low pay then a regular citizen. Save money because instead of paying big companies to clean, be a babysitter, or even a Gardner they will charge so much less than a regular big American company would.

Most of the illegal immigrants will be sending money or items back to their country this will help with the international aid according to helping those in need in other countries. Illegal immigrants will save money because of border control instead of sending them back there are already in The United States. America will save more than 12 billion a year on just the wait time between Mexico and The United States, stated by Evermore, some illegal immigrants do not have debt so therefore they don’t owe The United States any money like a regular citizen would. Illegal immigrant spends way less money than a citizen does because all there looking is too live and be sustain. While on the other hand citizens want more than they even need this can even cost them to go even more debt, owing the government even more money.

Almost every illegal immigrant come to The United States to look for a job and have money, most of them are not interested in going to school, borrowing loans, or even asking for scholarship money. This can save so much money for the country, no one will not have to ask for money or must pay any money back. Last reason America will save money is because since they are not a legal resident, they will not receive any 401k, life insurance, there social security money. There is an abundance of pros and why illegal immigrants should live in America but just like there’s pros they are cons. Now let’s see what some of the cons of illegal immigrants coming to live in The United States.

As a matter of fact, illegal immigrants in The United States creates a security threat to America, because it will allow more terrorism attacks and crime rates go up. A greater part of illicit settlers may pursue every one of the laws, however not most of the do. However, criminal outsiders make up 27% of the aggregate populace of government detainees, despite the way that they are an expected 9% of the aggregate grown-up populace in the United States. In 2003, in excess of 55,000 illicit outsiders had been captured almost multiple times, while carrying out about 700,000 criminal offenses this is all stated in Vittana-pros and cons of illegal immigration. Another fact is that foreign-born terrorists who entered the country were responsible for 88 percent of the 3,432 murders caused by terrorists on U.S. says Alex Nowrasteh. Basically, what this saying that not all but some of the illegal immigrants that come to America are looking to start up trouble. They come from countries that are most likely high on crime rates and where it is okay to just murder someone, so for them coming here they just feel the need to do the same thing.

Other thing that was notice is there is multiple illegal immigrants drug trafficking, and they use America as one the biggest place to traffic from. Like example one the biggest drug lords is Joaquin Guzman and he would send his workers all to The United States to sell for him. There is a gang called MS 13 and it all started in Los Angles and there are very common with their criminal activity and trafficking. An Arizona study shows that murder and manslaughter rate for illegal immigrants is 2.7 times higher than the average for U.S. citizens, which goes to prove that illegal immigrant coming from other countries are coming to The United States to stir problems.

Another con is that illegal immigrants is changing the employment world. While one of the main reason illegal immigrants come to The United States is to work and have money. This affecting the job rates because there are taking over jobs. It says on that that if those millions of immigrants weren’t working in the United States, more native-born Americans would have jobs a static view of the economy which is very true because the homeless people that are out living in the streets can benefit from these jobs. Employment for citizens, rate has decrease from about 85 percent in 2005 to about 84 percent in 2014 according to Bureau of Labor Statics. If there would be lower rate of illegal immigrants, this would increase the employment rate for the citizens. Illegal immigrants are also opening a lot of business which is not letting the American citizen flourish in opening their own business because they are taking up the space. Illegal immigrants are replacing the American citizen domestic workers. At the point when illicit migration is available, the activity advertise is suddenly given a larger number of specialists than it would regularly have if the individuals who crossed unlawfully were absent. More specialists associate to discouraged wages, which at last means the estimation of work is evaluated lower. Since American citizens do not want to take the low wage jobs the immigrants will just take it.

The last con will be overpopulation in the united states, not only because of the citizens but also because of the illegal immigrants. Here is some research from it states that Immigrants accounted for more than 45 percent of the growth in Colorado’s population in the past two years also says that California has practically doubled in population in the last 35 years. 96% of its growth in the 1990’s was due to immigration. All these immigrants are coming to America for a better living opportunity but are not noticing that they are overpopulating the country. And the thing is there are almost down here for a better life not noticing maybe one America will turn just like there country, then our next thought would be where would we go next.

On the other hand, you might think to yourself, why don’t they just get a citizenship? Or even stay in their own country? This would be a long thought for them to think about, one of the reasons being this people are leaving their country for a variety of reasons. For example, some of the reasons would be that they need, need to escape from poverty, need to escape from danger, or even that they need to send money for their family back to their countries. Some illegal immigrants are just trying to find some type of way for their families to be alright and have the things they need back home. Other immigrants are also trying to flee their country from danger, in other third word countries it is very dangerous to even walk down the street. Some of the crimes that’s they are fleeing from for example is if you’re from El Salvador there is a lot of Manslaughter and blackmail these are the most plugged violations. There are diverse types of savagery developed in El Salvador, for example, political, sexual orientation, and auxiliary viciousness. Ladies and kids have been specific focuses of viciousness, torment, and misuse

For this purpose, illegal immigrants do not want to get a citizenship either because of the long process it takes and because of how much it cost. A citizen ship can cost around $1000, and these in other countries can be so much more to them. They can by a house and some land with that money, with if on the other they would come here to America and probably only have those $1000 to spend and that is all they have. Also, to get your citizenship it is a very long process that sometimes you must have your own lawyer. This makes it even more money to spend that people simply just don’t have. To get your citizenship it takes at least 6 months to a year, where you never know this process can even be longer. Getting your citizenship is also not always so easy, you having to go through the first stage and at least meet the criteria. Then there is a whole bunch of other steps you must follow.

In conclusion, there is a variety of pros and cons of coming to The United States. It all just depends on the person whether they are going to come and make a good living, or they are coming to just make bad choices. Sometimes just staying in your country you will be making a better living than coming to America. Nevertheless, America is a free country; where you can come and go as you please and voice your own opinion. where in other countries they do not know what it is to have that type of freedom. Finally, these are some of the pros and cons of living in America.

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