Best Customer Service Practices

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Updated: Jun 18, 2022
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The top 10 best customer service practices are:

Good conveyance skills
Focus on customer’s need
Smart enough to handle pressure
Quick learner
Good listener

Its all about the tolerance that should be adopted during customer service. All the above the points are really important during interaction with customers. Good listener with patience satisfies customers regarding their problems and also represent the companies good image in front of the customers.

The ’17 ways to deal with unhappy customers’ five best ways in my opinion are:

Listen to them
Find the median between needs
Make the customer whole
Evaluate their expectations
Give personalized attention

When I was not happy with the customer service I constantly keep emailing n the given number. I prefer direct contact rather than messaging so I call the customer care number.

What differently I did is that if I didn’t satisfy with the customer service then I take help through social media websites like twitter, facebook etc. and from my experience, I fund that customer services are more active on social account these days.

Three stats that are concerning customer dissatisfaction:

Mostly customer switches companies due to low customer service that is the main reason they are not stable at one company.
Some people post their views on social media such as twitter, facebook and everyone can see the views either it may be positive or negative. This is very common nowadays
Negative opinion among the people for any customer service develop a negative impact as before buying or doing any type of transaction they discuss with others.

I had a very bad experience regarding customer service experience at Uber. Drivers of Noida are very undisciplined and very rude. When I complain regarding that no further action except complaint number has been given with just satisfying words. I just post on Twitter on #uber supports and then they ask me to write all the problem in a private mail. Then a message came to me that strict action has been taken regarding the complaint.

The techniques used by Uber, Etsy, and Airbnb that is leading to their success are:

The ability to think on the problem which is genuine and general for common people.
Fairs according to the common people’s pocket.
A win-win situation for customers as well as drivers.
Started the facility where there is more scope. For eg., metro cities have much more uber services that other cities.

Ola cab is another company that uses the same techniques as the company like Uber. Ola is a strong competitor of Uber. Its services are nearly the same as in uber but the difference is only of the one-time password. It makes ola more genuine in eyes of the customer and it also keeps eyes on ola drivers as well. That’s the reason the competition between ola and uber is high as a comparison to others.

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