Army Experiences: Lessons in Loyalty, Duty, and Service

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Updated: Sep 07, 2023
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I think in certain moments of our lives we identify with Soldiers who appear in famous movies in the history of cinema; above all the values they embody. In good measure the Army represents that experience of values that can develop a person. Although in the first doubts what can appear in the dawn of that transition do not know doubt in the importance in the same and with the greatest effort possible, it is trying to be into the height in the circumstances.

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The Philosopher Spanish Fernando Savagery Holds that “”the Human Value Is Reach with the Example “and this must from the most basic as the family or in the School not only in the Army. Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage are all present in good soldiers.

The loyalty of leaders, companions and subordinates, as well as to the fulfillment of the commitment of honor contracted in the military institution. Loyalty implies respect, sincerity, support at all times, cooperation, fellowship and adherence. The loyal military maintains its values and its obligations above convenience and adversity. Loyalty must always be reciprocal and is the basis of unity that characterizes the military institution and cohesion among its members. It arises as a result of a mutual feeling of trust, respect and awareness of being collaborating to achieve a common goal. Loyalty obliges the practice to be complete, to show itself without folds, not to hide or to warp the reality, to speak without suspicion to superiors and subordinates and to advise with honesty.

Duty, quality that impels the military to work always well and to the most exact fulfillment of its obligations, moved by its honor and its vocation of service. The first and most fundamental duty of the military is the permanent disposition to defend the constitution of the United States. This duty is concretized in the Constitution as a fundamental rule of the State, in the obligations and orders derived from the fulfillment of the missions of the armed forces, its military status, and the penal and disciplinary laws of the military. The sense of duty goes beyond its forced obligation. It is born of the military spirit, love of service and personal commitment with the army and with all the compatriots, exerted with responsibility and with initiative, making of the mission or task entrusted something own, that must be fulfilled with perfection and until the end.

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