Women Rights in all Countries

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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One of the most important targets of humanity is that everyone benefits from human rights equally. Human rights are fundamental rights and these rights appeared with the beginning of humanity. Human rights can be considered natural rights because the origin of these rights is natural law. These rights were considered only for men in the past and women were excluded. This exclusion led to the emergence of feminism. These rights didn’t arise suddenly. They influenced by changes in history. Because of this, women rights were evaluated separately from human rights.

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Struggle for women rights has developed and there are some conventions and foundations to prevent discrimination between men and women today. This article aims to examine historical development, current situation and measures of women rights. 

Right is legal, social, or moral freedom and they are granted to people by law. Rights are divided into three as social, personal and political rights. Women rights are existing rights for women to be equal to men. These rights are the right to eliminate discrimination between men and women. The woman is one of the most important elements for the development of countries. However, having basic rights wasn’t easy for women. Men were considered superior to women in patriarchal societies. The women have been thought as a housewife for centuries. 

The subconscious of people had the perception that women were weak. Women rights gained importance especially in the 19th century and there were efforts to improve women rights. Some women tried to ensure equality in all areas with men. There are still different measures for women rights. Women have various rights such as the right to vote and elected. Additionally, there are some non- governmental organizations in the world. These organizations work to protect women rights and prevent violence against women.

Women rights are also included in some international conventions and these rights also exist in holy books. At the same time, there are certain days to remember the importance of women. March 8th is celebrated worldwide as Women’s Day and December 5th is known as Women Rights Day in the world. Despite all these efforts, the goal hasn’t been fully achieved.

Women had no value in most society in ancient times. This situation has been encountered in different countries. Women were considered a slave to her husband and they couldn’t eat dinner with their husband in China. They would serve their husband. Women also had no right to marry and inheritance in Indian society. Furthermore, men could beat women and they could give their wives as a gift. Additionally, women couldn’t touch the bible because they were accepted as a dirty creature. People buried their daughters before Islam. This situation has changed over time. Women became valuable people in the history of Turkish and Islam. 

Women Rights in Islam 

Islam accepts people as equal without race and gender discrimination. Islam pays attention to women rights. Girls had no importance before Islam. They weren’t considered human and people didn’t want to have girls. They hadn’t right to life. Parents killed their daughters before Islam. At the same time, men could marry many women before Islam. Thus, women were used as slaves. Islam banned these behaviors. This number reached a limit after Islam. Islam allows marriage to up to four women. Also, there is death punishment for murderers because there is sharia in Islamic law. Arabia and Iran are examples of this. Islam aims to provide a peaceful life with these punishments. 

Women Rights in Turkish History 

Women always have an important place in Turkish history. The opinion of women is important since the first Turkish states. Men consulted women on important issues in the old Turkish states. Also, the importance of women is highlighted in Turkish epics. According to the Turkish epics, women are the source of man’s power. Turkish woman has been in every field of life since the old Turkish states. Turkish women had a say in the country management. They represented the country when the sultan was not. Women and men had equal rights in management and there was no distinction between boys and girls. Women became equal with men in the area of inheritance and they won the right to divorce with the adoption of Civil Law. The position of women strengthened with the declaration of the republic in Turkey. Turkish women won the right to vote and to be elected in 1934. 

Women remained in the background for a long time in countries. Women were humiliated because of their gender. Men were considered superior to women. Therefore, important steps have been taken for women rights. International agreements are one of these steps. There are several agreements to prevent discrimination and violence today. Some foundations are established to protect women rights. Also, international agreements are one of these studies. Although these agreements weren’t effective at first, people became conscious over time. 

Cedaw is one of the agreements for the protection of women rights. There are provisions to protect the political and social rights of women in Cedaw. There are thirty articles in this agreement. This agreement states that discrimination against women is a crime. It mentions discrimination in both public and private spheres against women. It was adopted by the United States General Assembly and Turkey signed this agreement in 1985. Cedaw is the most important agreement for women rights because it examines women rights in detail. This agreement applies to all women in the world. People became aware of women rights in the world thanks to this agreement. Women became more effective in life with this agreement. 

Convention was signed to struggle violence against women. ?stanbul Convention aims to achieve equality between women and men. Also, this convention aims to prevent domestic violence. It started to be signed in 2011. As of 2015, forty states signed this agreement. Turkey signed this agreement before all states. It is the first agreement that is considered legal by the European countries. This convention has been opened for signature in Istanbul. The name of the convention is Istanbul because of this reason. ?stanbul Convention has a 4P approach as prevention, protection, prosecution and policy making to prevent violence against women. This convention calls on states to take measures to prevent violence against women on these issues. Also, the articles of the convention are inspected by Grevio. 

Declaration of Women Rights 

Declaration of women rights was published by Olympe de Gouges. He is one of the pioneers in the struggle for women rights. Declaration of women rights is the inspiration for the universal declaration of human rights. This is the first declaration of women rights in human history. Olympe de Gouges decided to publish this declaration because the word human in the declaration of human rights and citizenship was used only for men. This declaration emphasizes that women are also human and women have human rights as men. It mentions social rights and freedom of thought for women. Olympe de Gouges who published this declaration was executed because he advocated the involvement of women in management.  Some women have fought for the protection of women rights throughout history. These women played an important role in the development of women rights and they became spokespersons of women in the world. 

Simone de Beauvoir was a French writer and philosopher. She was born in 1908. She was a representative of the feminism. The second genus book is like the manifesto of women rights. She was considered as the advocate of the women rights because she wrote many books, poems and novels for women rights. She was one of the first names that came to mind when women rights mentioned. She died in 1986. She has an important place as the representative of the women. 

Indira Gandhi was born in 1917. She is the daughter of the first prime minister of India. She fought for the freedom of India with her father. She started to work for the independence of India at the age of 12. She struggled against the colony of British. She learned politics thanks to her father. She is the first female prime minister in history of India. She died in 1984 due to the assassination. 

Marie Curie is known as Madam Curie. She was born in 1867. She was a physicist and chemist. She is one of the important inventors in the scientific world. She won the Nobel prize in physics and chemistry. Marie Curie became the first women to receive this award. At the same time, she became the first scientist to win this award twice. Marie Curie is proof that women could do important things. 

Women were subjected the various torture. They had no right to life. They couldn’t benefit from the rights in the past years. People became conscious with the rising of education level and women have gradually become a part of society. Women rights improved significantly from past to present. They have important rights in today’s world. Women have the right to work. They can earn money themselves for a peaceful life in most countries. Also, they can participate in management. For example, there are many women in the Sweden council. Sweden is the country with the highest proportion of working women. 

Sweden is an example to other countries on women rights with these features. Turkish women have shown herself in every area of life. They first started working as a midwife in 1843. Turkish women later obtained the right to be workers and civil servants. They also entered education and political life after the proclamation of the republic. They won the right to become the deputy. They make up half of the Turkey population as of 2018 but the number of working women too low compared to men. Studies to facilitate the working life of Turkish women are more in today. For example, pregnant women can take a break from working life. Moreover, there are rooms for pregnant women who want to continue working life.  Women can also interested in their babies when they work. Turkish women are allowed to continue working life by the government. 

Women are indispensable part of the world. However, women weren’t accepted as valuable people anciently. They faced different challenges. They couldn’t have human rights easily. It was impossible for women to live. The situation of women has changed over the years. The opinion of some people changed with Islam. Therefore, women have become active in life. Also, women rights in Turkey evolved in this process. Turkish women who have a very important place in Turkish history won the necessary rights. They won the right to be elected. Women and men have almost equal rights in most countries today. Sometimes, there are difficulties in the implementation of women rights but it is an undeniable fact that in today’s world, women have important rights in most countries.

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