Will School Shootings Ever End?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Numerous school shootings that have been reported have made parents fear for their child’s life. Many students are intimidated and are traumatized from being bullied. Parents go about their lives providing the safety their children need and when something bad happens at their child’s school, they question whether they should send their kids to school or not. If schools aren’t safe, as some researchers say, then is there any place in the world for anyone to be safe? Much research has been done to tell whether anything is being done to prevent these acts of school violence.

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Many laws have been made towards school brutality and aren’t doing much in our society today. We need more programs and more security to protect students and staff in our schools.

My paper has been divided into different sections to explain my side on school violence. The first section of my paper is explaining what school violence is, the types of school violence and how it is started. The second section will give statistical evidence on how school violence is turning out and how the outcome in the next few years. The third section will be about out what can be done to prevent acts of violence and how more consequences should be done to prevent this viciousness. The last section of my paper will be about where and what the community can do to help teens, adults, parents, educators, and people who want to help and get involved with this great act to help or just learn about what they can do to prevent these acts.

Firstly, school violence is not something anyone would want to go through as a student, parent, or teacher. This violence can include many acts of brutality such as verbal or physical violence between two students or a student and a teacher. Other acts of violence can include psychological and sexual violence. It can also be bullying, cyberbullying, and even caring a weapon on campus grounds. These acts can be started by others taunting a student, name calling or even getting physical with the student. When a child or teen is bullied, it can either trigger self-harm or harm to others. Self-harm has rose in our society today. Many kids are doing bad things to their bodies that parents don’t want to see and some may even kill themselves.

The causes of these acts of violence can come from many reasons. The student or adult may have been raised to a certain level where their parents taught or have treated them badly, to make them act in these instances. Kids can become very stressed and frustrated and need to let their anger out. So, students will use this anger to build up to a violence in school. Students should feel safe in schools and should be treated equally as others because as a teacher once told me we are all human. Our society today has come to a point where others judge by the things we do, look, and say. The most recent school violence’s that have happened more are school shootings. Many students have been injured or even killed from these act and parents have to go through that tragic loss of their son or daughter not being there anymore. Anyone carrying a weapon of any sort can be charged with a class c or d felony. People with this charge get a fine of up to $10,000 or even up to $100,000. Depending on the judge a person with this felony can be sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Researchers have found that 79% of school shootings have been unreported as of 2014. School violence is on a decline as the percentage of it has gone down. In comparison to early years, 1999 – 2000, 10% of the violence has gone down. Although these numbers show that the acts of fierceness are going down much still needs to be done to protect staff, students, and faculty on school grounds. Many physical fights have been reported to be with a teacher rather than a student with a student. Teachers also fear for their lives and go to work being frightened of what may come their way throughout the day.

To prevent these violence’s, many changes can be done to secure our safety. Having more security such as police personnel, metal detectors and teachers with weapons to protect students can change an environment. Many parents agree with having teachers with weapons, but some do not trust the teachers enough to do so, but having teachers with weapons is both a good and bad thing. Teachers carrying weapons must be trained to do so of course, but must have patience as well. If a teacher gets mad easily what is going to stop them from using that gun. Teachers must be trained professionally in situations where it can be used. When allowing teachers to carry guns on campus, they should have it locked with a secure lock or combination and should hide it from students and should only be used in times of emergencies. Another way to keep these guns in safe places is to have a security lock on it so that if the case is open security or police is alarmed.

Other things that might help keep students safe is having programs in which help students who are either being bullied or bully others. If the bullying is happening online, then revoking that person’s social media should be done. As school years continue, the percentage of bullying has increased and not much authority is being done. Students who see another student being bullied should act immediately and report it to school authorities. There haven’t been many reports of sexual violence, but these cases often happen at home. Many students fear being bullied or even fear a school shooting happening whilst going throughout their day. Students shouldn’t have to be scared of going to a place where they expect it to be safe. Students can go to counselors, teachers, or even parents if an act of school violence is occurring in their lives. Programs have been opened to help students feel safe at a school and defend themselves. Although this list of ideal protection may cost expensive, it should be provide so students can feel safe and parents won’t have to worry about their children’s lives.

If a parent, student, or civilian would like to help they can go to programs to help students in need of service. Some programs they can go to are Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS), National Centers of Excellence in Youth Violence Prevention (YVPCs), and Striving to Reduce Youth Violence Everywhere (STRYVE). Some programs can even be local such as youth groups to explain to kids and teens what they can do to prevent it. If a child has anger issues they can see a guidance counselor to help them resolve or assistance with that problem. They can also help by keeping the schools a safe and welcoming environment and creating anonymous student services to tell a teacher but for those who would like to keep it a secret as to who they are. Having many cameras and hall monitors such as police officers, and security guards, is a good way to keep the property safe from intruders or even students with weapons or preventing verbal or physical abuse. To prevent a student from harming themselves you can contact the suicide prevention lifeline to help those in need of support.

In conclusion, school violence is still happening and much is being done and not being at the same time. Students want to have an education and further their career in life, but with all these school violence’s and disturbances scholars can’t focus or get the education they would like. Children are scared and fear for their lives while in school when they shouldn’t feel that at all. We as a community, should help these kids and help prevent school brutality among our children. Many parents don’t want their child in school which causes an outrage in protest and demand. With that I challenge students, parents, teachers, staff, security, and the community to help protect our schools from any of these types of violence. You never know if your child or student can be the next victim.

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