School Shootings are Devastating

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“The national conversation since the February 14 Parkland, Florida, school shooting that left 17 people dead has been dominated by gun control.” (Burger 1) This quote shows how school shootings are devastating because 17 students or teachers died in the Florida shooting. Numerous people have died in school shootings. The first school shooting to ever happen in the US was on July 26, 1764, in Pennsylvania.

A school master was killed following nine or ten children that also died, only two survived. Some people may say that giving people guns, like teachers, will make gun violence worse, but it can actually make school shootings stop.

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If teachers go through active shooter training, they would be able to protect themselves and the students from shooters. There would also be less shooters because the shooters will know that the teachers and others, are armed with guns to guard the students.

A social problem are school shootings and solutions would be to arm trustworthy people in school, have better school security, and to have stricter gun laws. Some main causes of school shootings are bullying, social media, and lack of parenting support. For example, the article “Columbine Shooting,” says, “It also was speculated that Harris and Klebold had carried out the shootings as retaliation for being bullied.”

The example shows how bullying was one of causes of school shootings because Harris and Klebold are shooters of the Columbine mass shooting. Harris and Klebold were bullied, so they wanted to get revenge, and to get revenge, they harmed and killed other students by shootings them. Next, this article states, “Media coverage of such dreadful incidents could increase the exposure of shootings to troubled teens, and thus, influence them to commit such actions.” (The Real Cause) This shows how social media contributes to school shootings because the media is putting things online that are horrible and people are seeing them.

The media is promoting gun violence to people and influencing them to do horrific things, like school shootings. In another article, it says, “Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann, pediatric emergency medicine doctor at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, said families often don’t seek psychiatric care until it becomes a crisis.“How are so many families getting to this point? Well, I think there’s a general lack of parenting support,” said Berchelmann, who is a mother of six children.” (Burger 2-3)

The lack of parenting support is also another reason for school shootings because parents are not helping their kids or supporting them and they become crazy. Parents do not seek help for their child, unless they become a crisis and dangerous, but they should be supporting and helping them not become a terrible person. All of these evidence shows the cause of school shootings; bullying, social media, and the lack of parenting support.

Negative effects if the problem is not solved are traumatic stress and students being scared of going to school. The following evidence shows a negative effect if the problem is not solved, “Students and staff that witness school shootings are likely to suffer from traumatic stress symptoms, become anxious or depressed and have general concerns about their safety.” (School Shootings) The evidence shows a negative effect because if we do not solve the problem of school shootings, it will make more people suffer traumatic stress, which leads to depression and depression usually leads to suicide.

If it does lead to suicide, more people will die and others will still continue to face traumatic stress and be worried about their safety. Another example of a negative effect is when the article states, “Perhaps the most disturbing effects of school shootings are the feeling of on-going danger that permeates schools where they have occurred. The school’s climate and sense of community are profoundly damaged.” (School Shootings) Students and other people that enter school will be scared of going to school and if we do not find a solution to the shootings, students will stop going to school.

A school should be a safe place, not a place where people are scared and worried that they will get shot or a shooter will come and harm them. If school shootings are not solved, people will continue to be scared of coming to school and continue to suffer traumatic stress. One of the solutions to school shootings would be to arm or give guns to trustworthy people in school. In the article, “ Is There a Solution to School Shootings,” it says, “However, the more pressing motivation behind the opposition is the fact that if more armed security prevents shootings, then it is reasonable to suggest that good guys with guns do in fact stop bad guys with guns.”

This shows how arming people can solve school shootings because it can stop school shooters. According to the article, since armed security prevents shootings, then if schools give teachers or trusting people guns, then it will solve the problem of school shootings because they can protect the school from danger. Another example is, “If the media were honestly looking for solutions to gun violence, they should have jumped on the San Antonio story to show the difference a good person with a gun can make.”

The San Antonio story was when there was a shooting spree in a restaurant and how someone could have died, but an off-duty officer stopped the threat from hurting people. This shows how giving a person that is in school a gun can save lives and solve the problem, because even though it was an officer, a person with a great and pleasant heart would have protected others.

The following evidence shows how arming people at school is a solution, “A user called Censor Til Sin said it might be a good idea to have armed people in schools just in case.These shootings are happening in Gun Free Zones,” the commenter said. “The shooters know that the people there will have no way of defending themselves and that is why these tragedies are happening in these zones.”

This shows how if schools were to have people with guns or weapons, then shooters will be scared. This will solve the problem because the shooters will know that schools can defend themselves and the shooters will be scared knowing that they have guns. All these examples show how arming people that the school trust can solve the problem of school shootings. A second solution to the problem would be having better school security.

For instance, the author says that some solutions are funding for school security and to have more trained and experienced security guards. (Jeff) This shows how the school and people can help stop school shootings because they can help fund for more advanced school security. If schools have more money for advanced security, than shooters would not be able to get into the school and kill or harm students and teachers.

The next quote shows how the person also agrees with the solution, “Now, I want to lay out a solution that I think is not political and, frankly, I believe any reasonable person can agree on. This is about the safety and security of students and children in our schools.” (Hannity et al.) This shows how the person agrees that having more protective school security to protect children is a solution to the issue of the shootings. He or she thinks that the safety and security of the schools are the solution to the problem because of they have advanced security, they will have metal detectors and can see if the person has a gun or weapon that can cause harm.

Next, the following quote is another example of how better security is a solution, “Though I am for stricter gun control for automatic weapons, I think we should have stricter security in schools, no matter how nice and safe an area seems to be,” Katz said.” (Saidi) In this quote, Katz said that schools should have stricter security, which is having more advanced security. Even if the place is safe, they still need security, like schools, they need metal detectors, security guards, and other security things to keep them safe and prevent them from school shooters. These evidence shows how getting better school security can save lives and stop school shootings.

Finally, another solution to school shootings is to have stricter gun laws. To demonstrate how stricter gun laws can solve the issue, the article says, “We need to outlaw the ownership or possession of lethal military weapons, such as the AR-15, designed to kill people. Also, a stronger law to keep all guns from the hands of those with mental problems. Current laws are insufficient.”

 The example shows how stricter gun laws can be a solution to our problem because if we “outlaw the ownership or possession of lethal military weapons,” then there will be dangerous weapons that shooters can use. Stronger laws are needed to keep guns away from the arms of people that are mental and would want to hurt others. If the laws are made, then shootings will be less dangerous and less shootings will occur because people would not have a gun to use to harm others.

Another example is what a student said, “And I have always thought we need to have stricter gun laws because the way it is going in our country right now, with so many people being shot, so many school shootings – it’s happening over and over again. And that’s not OK, so we need to do something about it.” (Student Activism Over) This shows how even a student says that our country needs stricter gun laws because there are too many shootings that are happening and it never ok.

People are getting shot and getting wounded and some even die, so to end that, a stronger and stricter law is needed so that people stop getting shot. In the following article, it says, “The general expectation now seems to be for legislators to fix the problem of school shootings with laws that will make it impossible or extremely difficult for people with bad intentions to get guns.” (Burger 1) The author says that legislators need to make laws that would make it super difficult for awful people to get guns.

It can also solve the problem of school shootings because terrible people would not be able to get guns, so if they do not have a guns, they can not shoot at schools or other places and no one will get harmed. The solution is to make strong and strict laws where terrible people can not get a hold of a gun, so they can not harm others. In conclusion, school shootings are very serious problems and to stop them, we need to arm trustworthy people in school, have more advanced security, and to make stronger and stricter gun laws. These solutions will affect the future because it will help make a safer school environment.

It would also stop school shootings, but not just school shootings, it would stop other shootings at bars, clubs, and other places. These solutions are also important to society because less people will die at a young age or experience horrid and dreadful events, like shootings. Less people will cry over their loved ones that died and never be traumatized by shootings again. People need to know that this horrible problem has to be solved. They need to know that these solutions would really help and end the problem of school shootings.

If this problem is not solved, our society can become worse. People will continue to die and be traumatized by the horrific events. Students will be scared of going to school to the point where they will stop going to school. Citizens need to take action to end these shootings. They need to help donate money to schools so that schools can use that money to get better security. They also have to vote for laws that will protect us from shooters and end the shooters. People need to continue protesting for stricter gun laws and gun control.

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