Alcohol Abuse on Campuses: the Long-Term Effects on Students

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Updated: Sep 07, 2023
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Students who live in University or College campuses are more susceptible to Alcohol Abuse. This leads to consequences that will not be seen immediately but in the long run students face challenges due to heavy drinking.

Alcohol Abuse on campuses leads to students taking more time and money to complete their programme and discourages the students to graduate, therefore students dropout. Students that drink frequently dropout because in the long term Alcohol damages the brain by impairing normal brain function, memory coordination and motor skills.

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These students start having difficulties meeting Academic responsibilities such as not doing Homework because of a hangover, earning lower grades on Tests and Assignments, doing poorly on Exams, missing classes and falling behind.

An intoxicated student on campus can make impulsive decisions regarding Alcohol Abuse where the student can cause fights, perform acts that get other students injured and get involved in vandalism, which can be punishable by the Authorities ruling in the campuses by expelling the student from their premises making it hard for some students to find residence close to their campus meaning the student eventually decides to dropout.

Alcohol is a legal activity for students who are above 18 years old of age. Students in campuses are opened up to a world full of opportunities to try new things and have new experiances without the supervision of parents or guardians, which can lead to the misuse of bursaries. Alcohol is the most found, sold and abused substance on campuses as many bars are located close to campuses for the students to purchase Alcohol, so this makes it easier for students who already drink Alcohol to purchase Alcohol from near by increasing the odds for the students misuse their bursaries.

Some students are prone to peer pressure by friends who already drink as they will start purchasing and drinking Alcohol because they are surrounded by friends who already drink excessively. Students are constantly bombarded with examples of drinking everywhere, on TV, magazines, social media and advertisements, some of these students may have problems with themselves, family, school or friends which may result in them purchasing Alcohol to cope with problems, stress or anxiety.

Many students do not have the mental capacity to fully understand the consequences of drinking or even be aware of them ,which is why students will experiment with Alcohol and both. This results in students becoming victims when they are drunk and are taken advantage of by other students or their drinks are spiked purposefully in order for the victims to be vulnerable and cannot fight back. Students who drink Alcohol to gain confidence can behave recklessly and get involved in fights, some students can do things that they would not do when they are sober and this can get them in situations such as Sexual Harassment and even Rape.

Alcohol Abuse is a very serious thing because it does not only affect students but affects everyone in any community or area. Students are able to learn about the consequences of Alcohol Abuse to avoid doing the same mistakes as others who did not have the necessary knowledge to avoid it.

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