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Henry David Thoreau Essays

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Civil Disobedience of Thoreau and King

Words: 847 Pages: 3 4701

In Civil Disobedience by Henry Thoreau and Letter from Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr., both men are discussing issues that affect their moral views and see what society is doing as extremely wrong. Thoreau and King both talk about fighting even if it is against the law. A common theme found in both […]

Topics: Civil disobedience, Critical Theory, Discrimination, Henry David Thoreau, Human Rights, Identity Politics, Injustice

Martin Luther King Jr.: the Philosopher King

Words: 846 Pages: 3 3972

Martin Luther King Jr. is recognized of his memorable life of leadership and service, which he was committed to and overall, died for. He was a social activist who played a key role in the American civil rights movement until his assassination in 1968, leaving one of the biggest impacts around the world. He not […]

Topics: Civil disobedience, Civil Rights Movement, Henry David Thoreau, Justice, Social Issues, Socrates, Stereotypes

Choices in Life in Walden

Words: 1453 Pages: 5 4421

Every characteristic of our lives is chosen for us by society. From simple actions such as the clothes we wear, to decisions as monumental as the careers we pursue, we are not granted decisions to make, but social expectations to abide by. After over a decade of being taught what to think and how to […]

Topics: Capitalism, Civilization, Henry David Thoreau, Karl Marx, Walden

Persona of Henry David Thoreau

Words: 823 Pages: 3 3870

Henry David Thoreau was a very well noted transcendentalism philosopher, whom was born to a small middle-class family in concord, 1817. From there he attended Harvard in 1833; leading him to his life changing encounter with R. Emmerson. At that moment his realization not only changed the path of his life but impacted others as […]

Topics: Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Sula and Walden Two Issue

Words: 1284 Pages: 4 3900

By looking at attitudes towards sex and sexuality in a given community, one can begin to see what one generation passes down to the next. This highlights how personal ideas about sex and sexuality are constructs we receive from the ones who raise us. This glimpse into a community can tell us a lot about […]

Topics: Adolescence, Henry David Thoreau, Human Sexuality, Marriage, Walden
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What is Penitent Magdalene

Words: 505 Pages: 2 4145

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks (Plutarch). The art Penitent Magdalene was painted by Tintoretto between 1598 and 1602. Tintoretto used loose brush work and vibrant colors. The painting Penitent Magdalene shows a woman looking up at the heavens and reveals a biblical moment in the life of Mary Magdalene. I […]

Topics: Henry David Thoreau, Jesus, Walden

The Walden’s Book Report

Words: 406 Pages: 1 4393

It is apparent with Thoreau’s desire to live in solitude for over two years to conduct an experiment on self-reliance, that his ideas on what can be a fulfilling life, or what the necessities of life are, were especially different than the other residents of Concord, as many did not understand why he would do […]

Topics: Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Gandhi Vs. Thoreau: Philosophies of Non-Violent Resistance and Protests

Words: 2462 Pages: 8 6529

Mahatma Gandhi and Henry David Thoreau are two individuals very notably known for their philosophies of non-violent resistance and protests. This paper is intended to cover a multitude of things. Initially, it will review the moral principles that govern the rationality of each philosopher and further go on to compare and contrast both of their […]

Topics: Activism, Civil disobedience, Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, Violence

Analysis of Two Walden’s Books

Words: 1005 Pages: 3 5008

Out of all the books that I could of wrote the book analysis over, I chose the book Walden Two by B.F. Skinner. I chose to read and analyze the book Walden Two, because I have heard a lot about it, and it sounded very interesting to me. Walden Two is a book about an […]

Topics: Behavior Modification, Behaviorism, Henry David Thoreau, Operant Conditioning, Walden

History of the United States of America : Citizen War

Words: 1010 Pages: 3 4129

Over the years, The United States of America has encountered itself struggling with its citizen. In order to be a democratic country as it is becoming now, nonviolence is one of the strongest pieces of this puzzle. While the resister is passive in the sense that he is not physically aggressive toward his opponent, his […]

Topics: Activism, Civil disobedience, Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Social Issues, Violence

Walden Journal Issues

Words: 504 Pages: 2 3451

Answer to question 1: Examples of Transcendentalism in Walden: Thoreau (the narrator of the story) decided to spend more time with himself instead of working hard to be, in conclusion, unfulfilled and reduced to a thing that lives a quiet, sad life. He describes the main necessities in life to be food (including water), shelter, […]

Topics: Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Leaders of Protests for Equal Rights

Words: 503 Pages: 2 3811

“In the late 1950’s and 60’s, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led a nonviolent protest advocating for equal rights for African-Americans. During this time period, racism and segregation were very prominent within the society. As a leader of his community, Dr. King felt a need to oppose this crisis through the application of civil disobedience. […]

Topics: Activism, Civil disobedience, Henry David Thoreau, Letter From Birmingham Jail, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Social Issues

The Environment in Henry David Thoreau’s Walden

Words: 978 Pages: 3 4058

Environmentalism Henry David Thoreau was a master of the land around him. He knew every turn, tree, and every little thing about the forest and wilderness. He knew so much that “in his journal he says that he helped fugitive slaves get across Canada.” He was called the conductor of the underground railroads. Only because […]

Topics: Henry David Thoreau, Natural Environment, Walden

Thoreau and Martin Luther King about Society

Words: 2203 Pages: 7 3920

“In the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” was written on Apr sixteen, 1963 by Martin Luther King, Jr. within the jail he composed a letter that was directed to a priest within the human right movement. His peaceful however firm letter is a remarkably persuasive tone that’s a significant flip within the human right Movement full […]

Topics: Civil disobedience, Conscience, Henry David Thoreau, Justice, Letter From Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King

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