Why Violent Video Games is not the Reason for Violence

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Even if people believe that video games has caused violence, video games has definitely brought new ways of benefiting the young minds. Since the 1970s, video games introduced a new way of entertainment for children and teens. Video games has produce a wide variety of games, ranging from peaceful and adventurous to violent and fast-paced. Video games has grown tremendously in the twenty-first century, the most trending games today are violent such as Activision’s Call of Duty series, which is an online fast-paced, first person shooter.

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Most violent video games are played by teens, so this is why people assume that violent video games cause violence because they believe it’s easier to corrupt teenagers minds. People blaming violent video games for aggressive behavior is not a factor without facts.

The first problem with people blaming violence with video games is looking at other factors that are involved. When young men who do not normally play video games are exposed to violent video games, changes occur in the way their brains function, new research shows (Gordon 1). Teenagers who play violent games increase their ability to react to things faster and to test their intelligence. People blame massive school shootings on violent video games but did not think about if that the shooters had some type of mental issue. More than half of mass shooters over the last thirty years had mental-health problems (Kain 5). That is what most people do when they accuse video games and completely ignore the fact that it might be mental issues. Making these claims will stir up society and start making other people make these false claims. This is how video games are brought up in situations involving violence.

Another reason that people can’t say video games causes violence is that experts are still in a huge debate whether or whether not it does. A 2011 study found that people who had played competitive games, regardless of whether they were violent or not, exhibited increased aggression (Kain 4). Video games is what relaxes teenagers instead of making them furious and want to hurt someone. Video games reduces stress on teenagers from school or personal matters and reduce anxiety. Also, games that encourage collaboration and community involvement are a significant part of gaming and must be acknowledged (Leonard 1). Most video games today involves some type of way to play with other people, which can help people be more socialized in their community. Socializing is what helps a person be engage in the world by making friends, finding good jobs to their particular interests. These people saying video games causes violence needs to understand that without these video games some people would be unsuccessful.

Third, is that video games provide historical events, scientific value, and literary benefits that greatly expands a teenagers knowledge. Unlike books or films, gameplay engages players in a dialogue and gives them the ability to respond emotionally (Greenberg 1). When reading a book or watching a movie, you still feel emotions from them, but being able to respond as a player in the game is far more advanced and more limited than what a book or a movie provides emotionally, especially in violent games. People believe violent video games are bad influences on others and corrupts people’s minds that will make them commit murder or mass shootings because of the guns and killing in the video game. Critics of violent games cite the studies as further proof that media violence leads to murder (Kushner 4). The reason mostly why teens commit murder or mass shootings is cyber bullying on social media. Social media is what let’s cruel people that causes innocent people do cruel things, even committing suicide. People who are against video games and assuming this is what causes these terrible actions, are not looking at the benefits of video games.

Video games has shown that it’s not just a addictive way to enjoy doing during your free time, it’s a way expand a person’s emotions that is used in the game, a person’s ability to develop certain skills that will benefit them in the future, and gaining knowledge from the game itself. There is downside that video games are addictive and that’s why parents complain about video games. If parents are complaining about this addiction of playing video games, then start limiting their kid’s hours of play time. Video games has brought a new way of socially interacting with other people in the world and has developed a huge community of players across the globe. Being able to talk to other players in a game that is mainly based on interacting with each other to solve a puzzle or help each other strategically to win a game against opposing players is what expands a person’s social behavior and knowledge. This is what people are missing about video games, they are what benefits a person’s future. Video games being used as a suspect in mass shootings and murders is wrong because not noticing other facts that are involved in the situation. Some violent video games around has had an effect on people and has changed their lives for the better. When playing video games that involves a storyline, it affects a person’s emotions like books and movies, but be able to make choices that satisfies you gives a person a emotion feeling, unlike books and movies. Video games is more of a form of art, created by a person that lets he or she create something in their imagination and that will satisfy the players who will buy it. Video games should be a new way of helping people thrive in the world not some excuse for violence in our everyday lives.

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