Why Trump cannot Make America Great again

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Greetings to all! We live in a world which is suffocating and stifling to survive, outsmart each other at any cost, there is a rat race to the top, the struggle to be superpower. America has enjoyed the repute pf a superpower nation but layers beneath the country is in shambles and shackles of a superflous and a detached , unwarm country. The popularity and the so called wisdom of the self proclaimed maestro of politics Mr donald Trump also cannot save the country from devastation.

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The state of the country and the position of Donald Trump asre surely in tandem with each other, a reflection rather!

A country which has  tasted superlative powers, recognition on the world platform as the most powerful country has risen in all its materialistic aspects. fierce competition and stupendous technological advancements should have a role model an exemplary personality , with illustrative traits to lead, to bringforth the element missing- humanity and empathy which looses its lusture due to the blind rise to the top. In a scenario like this, the world  saw the United States taking the world by storm with the rise of an unconventional leader , a billionaire Donald Trump. A leader who had been into the new not for his work, but for his controversial dialogues ,fierce competitive campaigns and his attempts to prove that Americans are a race of a much higher capabilities.

Over the last few months, the American billionaire Donald Trump has taken the political world by storm after rising to the position of the president of the most powerful country. After the candidacy was announced in June 2015, his campaign was widely successful. Because of this in only two months he was able to rise to first position defeating the other famous and competitive candidate Hillary Clinton and luckily he was able to maintain the position till August 2015.(deviating from the topic , dont glorify DT, instead say why America needs help , whats wrong the)

reDonald Trump has already made it clear that he is different from other average Americans(life of an avg american), He comes from a rich family. His father Fredrick Trump, was a wealthy real estate developer. Some supporters cite this as a point in his favor: if Trump is so rich, then how could he be swayed to change his opinion? The answer is that there is no reason that Trump would refuse to accept large sums of money or even other favors in exchange for political action.

Mastered the art of false promises .He has claimed to bring many changes  in the area of U.S government during his campaigns all over the state. One of the most controversial promise he made was and actually acted upon is banning muslims from entering America as in order to stop islamic terrorism activities. The orginal order named,”Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States”, to immediate effect to bar admission to the United States of all people with non-immigrant or immigrant visas from seven countries which are poor or are somehow related to terrorism activities. He is just creating a non significant relationship with these countries just because some people are included in terrorist groups. Pointing the whole religion for something in which there are majority of innocent people is not gonna help him but gonna cost him negative consequences.

Donald Trump has also shown that he does not care for the enviornment. In a tweet posted on november 6th 2012 Trump wrote that climate change is a “concept . . . created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive”. If this was true then there would be no reason for china to invest $90 billion in clean fuel sources in late 2014. Trump later reacted to it and made a staement and said  it was a “joke”. But in september 2015 he again said that he does not “believe in climate change”.

The statement about climate change are not the only hazardous things he has done for the enviornment. In Scotland, he fought a legal case for a very long period of time over a project that would construct 11 wind turbines, claiming that it would ruin the view from his golf resort. He already lost the case twice until it was overruled by the supreme judge of United Kingdom. Along with preventing the construction for wind turbines, the construction of Trump’s resort tore up long sections of sand dunes along the beach and replaced the nature with artificial hills for his golf course. He would called the project “the greatest thing ever do for the environment”, and also many enviornmental organisations supported the development.

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