What is Cultural Diversity: Exploring Importance, Benefits, and Implementation

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Updated: Jun 19, 2023
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Author Credibility 20/30- I gave author credibility 20 out of 30 because upon searching the author, I was led to only a couple of pages that had limited information. I deducted 10 points because I was only able to access information about the author on LinkedIn and the Deputy page. The pages that I was only able to access listed the author’s current position, previous positions, employment, and where she received her education. I would have liked to have read more about who the author is as a person.

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Information and Content 30/30- I specified full credit for the information and content section because of the way the information was written. Throughout the article, the author clearly defines the terms, lists types of diversity, provides examples, states the issues, explores managing diversity in the workforce, and explains the benefits from both the company side and the employee’s point of view. I imagined myself in certain types of situations. With the information provided, I believe I gained a better understanding of the importance of this topic.

Structure and Format 15/20- For structure and format, I deducted 5 points because of some minor grammatical errors. Despite minor issues, I was able to break down the article fairly well. There were headings and subheadings, and it was easy to keep track of where I was reading and where I left off last. Although the reading was an easy read, I felt there were a couple of sections that could have been reworded differently.

The site and Access 5/10- I rated this section a 5 out of 10 because of the somewhat easy access. I attempted to search for an article about three times, and I was able to find my article on the third try. The site met my expectations because it was easy to navigate. The wording was easy to read, which allowed me to formulate my own perspective easily. There were also many hyperlinks within the article, which made it easier to search for the examples that were provided.

Purpose and other 10/10- I allotted this article 10 out of 10 because I felt this article served its purpose. The whole purpose of this article was to stress the importance of cultural diversity in the workforce. I felt the author did a good job of expressing and stressing the important points. By putting the message out in plain text, I believe it helps spread awareness, and by spreading awareness, we are aiding change. I have learned by improving and implementing these changes in the workforce; we are expanding our business mindset.

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