Diversity in Society: Embracing Differences and Fostering Inclusion

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Updated: Aug 25, 2023
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Diversity is a term we hear and read about on a daily basis. In today’s world, it is often the subject of a polarized news piece or the plot of an upcoming film or book. But diversity is so much more than a buzzword used by the media to catch the attention of society.

Understanding Diversity for Inclusion and Solutions

The term diversity encompasses well-known differences in nationality, ethnicity, and appearance but also differences in ideas, education levels, and experiences.

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It includes differences in sexuality, religious beliefs, childhood experiences, and many other aspects of identity. The intersection of multiple diverse identities adds to this complexity. However, more than these differences, diversity is a call to action. The presence of diversity in society is a call to mental health professionals to ensure every person feels represented and understood. It is a reminder to not only accept others as they are, but to celebrate the ways in which they are different.

To understand diversity in a professional sense is to understand that each individual’s perspectives and actions are shaped by their diverse experiences. Understanding diversity also necessitates making a conscious decision to examine challenges from all perspectives in search of a solution.

This act of inclusion ensures that all aspects of the workplace are efficient and empowered. With these benefits comes the responsibility for patience and purposeful education. This is especially important when acknowledging the fact that individuals working together in a professional setting often have been exposed to different types of people and lifestyles. With these differences comes the possibility of misunderstanding. If these misunderstandings result in negative interactions in the workplace, it is critical to address the situation head-on. It is vital that all individuals involved be given the opportunity to grow without judgment. The only way to advance, in a professional sense and as a society, is to give everyone the opportunity to learn and evolve in our ever-changing world.

Diversity in Clinical Settings

In a clinical setting specifically, it is vital that diversity be examined to promote success and understanding. First and foremost, the clinician must take the time to examine the diverse aspects of their own identity. This will ensure that any ideals or biases that may be held be acknowledged. This will help to ensure that those beliefs do not influence the relationships between the therapist and their clients. Additionally, the many facets of the client’s identity must also be taken into account. All individuals are shaped by their unique experiences and identity. By understanding these differences, the clinician will have the opportunity to more accurately understand their client and work to find an effective plan for addressing their current challenges.

Shared Ideals and Success

It is now more important than ever to embrace the ideals behind the term diversity. As our country’s leaders become more divided, it is up to the people to share their acts of inclusion and acceptance with each other, not only in professional and educational settings but in our day-to-day lives. Effectively addressing diversity has no set goal that, once reached, can be forgotten. It is a shared state of mind that must be nurtured and encouraged among all people. It is with these shared ideals that we as a people will truly succeed.

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