Diversity as the Value for Every Person

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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According to the text, diversity can be defined as the value for every person, the inclusion of every individual towards ensuring that everyone performs at their best standard or level (Gamble, & Gamble, 2012). Acknowledgement that people come from different traditions, possessing various points of views and personal experiences, consequently need to celebrate each person distinctiveness.

One of the major diversity trends as a result of multiculturalism is the increased number of the minority workforce today is composed of a very different population from across the globe which has led to a multicultural organization hence bringing many differences.

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Human resource has to employ a minority representative. Increased in the number of women in the workforce is also another trend, the number has grown dramatically, surprisingly that today there is a high number of female jobs applicant across all sectors (Carbaugh, 2013).

Hiring and inclusion of people with disability are trends that cannot be underestimated as it a legal requirement for employ people with disability, many employers have further realized that disabled workers are of paramount importance to any organization (Carbaugh, 2013).  There is also increased appreciation and recognition of unique talents that people with disability posses.

Accepting and understanding the disparity of a multicultural team is an input to the success, and applying this to ensure that a team can decide after analysis. A leader should create awareness at the company by making sure that diversity training is regularly conducted to ensure that all employees are cultural mindful remaining adaptable when communicating with citizens of various backgrounds ( Men, 2014). The leader should ensure that employees felt valued and accepted by maintaining the personal touch, being open-minded and acquiring knowledge of other cultures.


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