Communication as Component of Life

Communication is a very important component in every aspect of life. Human beings coexist because of their ability to communicate with each other. The same applies in the medical field. Communication between physicians and the patients is every important in helping them understand whatever procedure they will be taken through or the medicine prescribed.

There are a number of ways a radiologist can effectively communicate with his/her patients. First, it is important to think about what you want say then allow the mind to translate the same to something a layman can understand. The information should reach the intended patient in its simplest form.

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Instead of using complex anatomical words, one should opt to use purely simple English. For example, instead of using esophagus, one should use the swallowing tube. Secondly, when explaining something to a patient, it is quite convenient to do the same using visual prompts that show the human anatomy. This will aid in the explanation of the anatomy in simplified terms.

It is important for a patient to understand some few concepts on anatomy before narrowing down to their problem. If a diagram is unavailable, then the use of gestures can also be appropriate in such a situation. Lastly, the most important factor to consider when communicating to a patient is whether they have understood whatever you have been telling them. It is therefore vital to give them a chance to ask questions of what they didn’t get. By so doing you will be able to identify the areas they are not satisfied with and handle the same properly. In conclusion, communication with patients on matters of medical information is very significant.

Through the information given to them, there are in a better position to improve their health outcomes. Basically this is the desire of every physician to see the health outcomes of their patients improved.

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