Rhetorical Devices

The reason behind any writing is to pass information or a message and to influence the reader in one way or another. The audience and the author have a different perception of life and general issues. There are techniques, which authors use while writing their books or texts, to make sure that they fulfill the intended purpose of the book or a text. Rhetorical devices are among the techniques that authors use.

Rhetorical device is an art of writing used to persuade or provoke readers to considering a certain topic in a book or a text by use of a different view. The primary use of rhetorical devices is to have an effect on the reader that will make them want to read the books and get the intended message. There are various examples of rhetorical devices, which include rhetorical questions, repetition, and figurative language among others.

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Rhetorical devices help the author to structure the content of the book. This helps them in making the book content relevant and apparent to the audience. Correct use of rhetoric devices help in increasing the impact the message in the book has on the audience. In addition, an author will communicate more clearly to the readers. The goal of writing the book is to communicate or pass a particular information rhetorical devices help the writer to plan for the whole book (Harris, 2016).

Authors show and convey their opinions through the use of rhetorical devices therefore, they can write books which the audience can easily understand and be persuaded. Authors expand their process of writing and become more elaborate in their books. The reader will be in a position to find out if the writer’s opinion regarding a particular issue is credible or not. With this, the intended purpose of the book will be fulfilled.

Work cited

Harris, Robert A.? Writing with clarity and style: A guide to rhetorical devices for contemporary writers. Taylor & Francis, 2016.

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