Was Andrew Jackson a Good or Bad Man?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Andrew Jackson is a man of many opinions. Some are good, and others are not as good. Andrew Jackson grew up in a rough situation witch took a toll on his early years of adulthood. In his early years on his own he started gambling to provide for himself. This was something that he oftenly had used against him. Later in life when he was apart of the U.S army he took the land away from innocent native people who were there long before us.

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That was another one of his many faults.
Although he did commit those terrible actions he kinda found ways to make up for them. For example, during the attack of 1812 Jackson led the army to kill many natives, but when all was done he noticed an infant lying on the ground in the middle of the chaos. When he noticed the child he rush over to it and decided to adopt it and keep it as his own. This was a nice thing to do, yet it could never make up for all of the lives he had took. He was also supporter of slavery, and just because it was normal then it certainly did not mean it was the right thing to happen.

He went to school to be a lawyer at an early age that gave him a good education for later in life. He then got a job as a lawyer, but he left that behind him to be in the army. Eventually all of this led up to the year of 1828 when he won his spot of the president of the united states. That was one of his best qualities in life, being president. This was nice and all but was he really that great of a president.

While Andrew Jackson was president he made some very bad mistakes such as, the time a social scandal got into the hands of politics. Also when he decided to take action in creating the trail of tears witch I may have mentioned earlier. Later in his presidency he got into trouble with the bank, followed by many, many more mistakes. All in all through the good and the bad, I believe that Andrew jackson is more bad than good.

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