Unsolved Mysteries

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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Are you a fan of unsolved mysteries? For example old cases back in the 1700’s when people were killed and no one knew who or what did it? Legends of scary beasts such as vampires, werewolves, zombies, wild animals and more. Creepy stuff like this makes you keep thinking what will happen next. In solving the case of the mystery of the 18th century killer “Beast of Gevaudan” a lot of people had their own opinions and thoughts on what they saw the vicious creature as.

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However there is only one true answer to every question.

Wild animals have roamed the earth for hundreds and thousands of years. Hyenas have roughly been around for millions of years. So there’s no doubt that they haven’t caused harm. Sources say that “spotted hyenas may kill as many as 95% of the animals they eat. So most likely the other 5% are laying around somewhere dead. Hyenas are generally are known for their annoy laugh. Also for scaring other animals away from their prey. The Beast of Gevaudan for example terrorized French villagers for three years, killing around 100 and injuring nearly 300. That’s pretty tragic.

Hyenas are wild animals and other animals have some of the same traits. For a fact I know that no other animal could have caused this much harm. A hyenas jaw pressure is pretty intense. Hyenas are known for killing animals like lions but I know for a fact lions put on a pretty tough fight. The first thing that people may say is “A Hyena is not that big it can’t do nothing major” but it’s not true. Not all hyenas are the same, some are more harsh than others. In solving the mystery of the 18th Century’s Killer “Beast of Gévaudan” the wild animal killed youths and women.That kinds of make you think why only children and women and not grown men?

About 95% of carnivore attacks on humans in Gévaudan during the years 1764 to 1767 can be attributed to that single animal that was referred to as la bête: The Beast. No one knew what this beast actually actually looked like, that’s why artists just sketched the beast the way people described it.The beasts identity was very hard to identify.Yet everyone everyone knows that hyenas have a lot of reasons to be called dangerous animals. Sources describe the beast in all different sorts of ways and they all make you think more and more it’s a hyena. For example in the article “In solving the mystery of the 18th-century killer “Beast of Gevaudan” says that “a paw print of 16 centimeters [6 inches] length; and it uses claws during a attack.

In conclusion, the beast roamed the earth killing living things was a hyena. Hyenas are one of the most vicious animals I’ve heard of. This animals has terrorized many innocent people.These people did not know what was coming for them then suddenly a beast kills them. Around the time the creature was killing in France it was a hard time. Lives were being took by the blink of an eye because of the beast.The beast was never actually caught but people imagine it as being a weird looking animal that is just out for food.

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