The Pros and Cons of Democracy

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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We all live in the United States a country a freedom, a country of democracy, living in a democracy has many good and many bad factors although other systems are less desirable it is important to know democracies flaws. Starting out with what’s good with democracy and explaining what a democracy is. Living in a democracy is important as the people in a democracy have a voice and freedom. But to live in a democracy is to have the right to govern not simply to be governed to rule not just to be ruled to be heard. Living in a democracy means being able to choose our leaders and being able to choose what we want and having the freedom of choice this is what makes democracy better than other systems the freedom of choice, the freedom of choice to choose our leaders. But a flaw of democracy is that it is very inefficient. As democracy loses a lot of efficiency in the way they make decisions as in order to make a decision things must come to a vote a bill has to be proposed and it has to be voted on in order to become a law this can be an incredibly long and taxing process. Compared to something like a dictatorship a democracy is incredibly slow as in a dictatorship the leader has the final say and they can choose to pass something immediately skipping past everything but that is also what is wrong with a dictatorship as it doesn’t take into account what the people want. Living in a dictatorship is not for the people, it is for the leader (unless the leader has the well being of the people in mind) living in a democracy is for the people as the people in a democracy get choices the freedom of choice.

There is another side in the case of Socrates and why he hates democracy is very interesting and a very important idea to discuss. He argues why should the common person that may not know very much be fit to judge who should be able to rule or who should be the leader of a country. As letting a person vote on who to be a leader without the education on the subject to be very irresponsible. He thought only those who are able to contemplate rationally and deeply should be allowed to vote in other words educated enough to be able to decide who is best to lead. In this case, it is between an intellectual democracy and in the US it is a case a democracy by Birthright. The US has given the vote to everyone without connecting it to wisdom. This is another flaw in our form of democracy that we have in the US. although I like this form of democracy it is flawed. As someone who is smooth-talking and charismatic could get people to vote for him. just for the fact that this person could be very likable. This is the case with US most of the time, as it is a person who is popular who wins the election (although not in the most recent election as Hillary Clinton actually got the popular vote. Even though this person was likable they may not have the best interest in mind for the people who voted for him.

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As Winston Churchill once said, “the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”. This was meant as a joke by Winston Churchill but there is some truth in it as a lot of the time the average voter is not very bright in terms of intelligence and can be easily coerced. As the American people did manage to vote certain presidents into consecutive terms.

Another way democracy can be bad is with the idea of mob rule, where one of the biggest danger of democracy is the tyranny of the majority. If a majority of the population are anti-Semitic you wouldn’t be surprised to see some anti-semitic laws passing. But fortunately, most political systems include basic human rights to prevent against such things like this happening but if a majority is big enough it can alter human rights. As in the case before with the charismatic leader, the leader could possibly scapegoat the minority in a time of crisis and get the majority to adopt their views. This was the case when Hitler came to power before World War II diluting the way people think and causing them to believe anything and cause them to commit unspeakable Acts. As propaganda induced ideas spread more people become more likely to give into them. This means the masses can be manipulated into voting against their own interests. This could possibly mean that a small group of powerful people could theoretically control how elections end.

There were some democracies that were arguably better as dictatorships as in the case of Iran. Before becoming a democracy the leader of Iran was westernizing the country he was introducing new policies of gender equality. He was modernizing in the idea of making Iran into a world power. But the Iranian people did not like that we’re not ready for it and he was overthrown and replaced with religious fundamentalists. As far as equality and economic prosperity the religious fundamentalists time and power has been a disaster. Some dictatorships are just Superior to some democracies in this way.

There are good things about democracy also, a democracy can provide changes in government or transitions of power without the need for violence since power is transferred from one party to another with elections. Citizens determine their ruling Authority which the government runs on public support which allows democracy to be a stable form of government. Elections are bound by terms and when the term is over the currently ruling party are then required again to compete with other parties to continue their Authority. This entail prevents the Monopoly of the current ruling Authority. But when democracy works it promotes equality and the protection of human rights.

Yes, democracy is flawed but in ways, it can be better than other political systems. If the right people are elected good things will happen, good things meaning the will of the people being carried out. A good democracy is by the people for the people no other way but if it is construed and manipulated it is no longer a democracy. When democracy is done right it is important to live in a democracy.

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