The House on Mango Street Book

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“In a book of narratives, The House on Mango Street follows a year in the life of a twelve year old girl, Espanarza. In the course of the year, she moves with her family into a house much nicer than the apartment they were living in previously, found on Mango Street. It is the first house her parents actually owned rather than rented, but it is not what Esperanza has pictured her house as being because it is tiny and run-down. The house is located in the heart of a highly populated Latino neighborhood in the city of Chicago, IL, where many of the lower class areas are segregated by race. Esperanza does not get her own privacy in or out of the house, and she determines that she will leave Mango Street and get a house to call her own.

Esperanza noticeably matures during the year the story follows, in more than one way. The novel illustrates her life as she meets new people, starts hitting puberty, becomes attracted to her first crush, survives sexual assault, and starts writing as a way of letting out her feelings and as a way to leave the real world for a little while. The short story also includes the stories behind quite a few of Esperanza’s neighbors, giving a grand scheme of the neighborhood and showing the different but possible paths Esperanza could follow through her life.

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Once moved in on Mango Street, Esperanza soon becomes friends with Rachel and Lucy, two young hispanic girls who live across the street. Rachel, Lucy, Esperanza, and Nenny, Esperanza’s little sister, have different adventures in the tiny perimeter of their neighborhood. For the beginning part of the novel, the girls are happy to go along and settle for a child’s world. Esperanza feels ashamed at school towards the poverty her family faces and her strange name.

Esperanza begins puberty through the summer. Suddenly she likes dancing while boys watch, and she dreams about them often. Her newly established sexual maturity, combined with losing two family members, her grandfather and her Aunt Lupe, bring Esperanza into the adult side of life. She starts to watch the different women in her neighborhood closely. The second part of The House on Mango Street is a string of small stories written centered around middle aged and old women, all of who find themselves in even bigger messes, and even more stuck in their houses than Esperanza is. All the while, beginning the next school year Esperanza becomes friends with a girl her age who is more sexually mature than she has ever known, Sally, who has her own agenda. She has an abusive father and spends her time with men and boys to forget. Esperanza doesn’t feel easy with Sally’s mature experiences, and their friendship blows up when Esperanza gets sexually assaulted by a group of guys after Sally left her.”

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