Essay the House on Mango Street

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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A twelve year old girl named Esperanza is the main character of the the “House On Mango Street.” Esperanza was a shy but very smart girl, she dreamed of the perfect house to live with her family. She wanted this because her parents told her about a nice house that they will get if they win a lottery and it was a story that her mom told her before she goes to sleep. Throughout the novel cisneros displayed many use of symbolism and imagery that reveals character and themes.

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Sandra Cisneros is the author of “The House on mango street” and it was made in 1984. My 3 vignettes are The house on mango street, My name, and Hair.

The house was on Mango Street was a very run down neighborhood. There was barely any bedrooms to fit six people so they had to share a rooms. She doesn’t like her house so she try to keep it a secret from everyone.The environment that she was living through when she was on mango street was a neighborhood that women are portrayed as weak and need a man to do anything. She did not like this because she had a strong will for justice for others and herself. She know that women are portrayed like this because of everything that happened to her. Her her first job a man forced her to kiss him and she was also was raped when she was alone at the circus. She also figured this out when she watch her neighborhood womens be trap in there houses watching the outside through their windows because they were powerless and they were in need of a men.

Her name is Esperanza which means hope in english. Although her name mean hope she see it as a name with too many letters and she feel like it mean sadness. She got this idea when her friends started to make fun of her name. Even thought her name is esperanza it was also her grandmother name. We also learned that they were both born the year of the horse and that mean bad luck if you are a woman. Her grandma was an strong and independent woman unit a guy to took her away and become esperanza’s great grandfather. After that she hated her life and did not forgave him for what he done. Esperanza like her grandma but does not want to inherit her place of being not happy .

In her family they have very different hairs and there hair style symbolism them. Her dad hair is like a broom in the air rufe .Carlos hair is thick and straight and doesn’t comb it. Nenny hair is slippery and nice. Kiki hair is like fur and she is the youngest. Esperance hair is lazy. Her mom hair curly and smells like bread, she like her mom and the smell of bread. That other thing that is differents is that esperance does not fully look like her family. The only way to see that they are are her attitude.

This story was here to tell you no matter what happen in your life never forget yourself and your goals. The novel also tells you that the place that you grow up will not hold you down and your desire will be fulfill in your future.

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