House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The House on Mango Street was created by Sandra Cisneros. Esperanza imagines her life on Mango Street as well as how she feels about the world. Analyzing the themes, she presents in the book helps Esperanza understand what she wants out of life. In the beginning, she was embarrassed by her family house, she wanted to move to another location but she discovers that is part of her. “In English my name means hope. in Spanish, it means too many letters.

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It means sadness, it means waiting.” They stay in a poor Latino neighborhood in Chicago for a year.

Everything in my head is flying around I can’t make sense of anything, so I decided to use sticky notes when I use my laptop, I get sticky notes and write down my thoughts and put them near my laptop or on the wall. If I’m not using my laptop, I use my phone and I use my notes jot down the information I have. Sometimes when I’m stuck I either listen to music to calm me down I thinks it helps me sort out that thought subconsciously, or I sleep on it and come back with a fresh mind.

Esperanza is 12 years old she didn’t have everything she dreams of. She wanted a big improvement from her old house she got but it wasn’t what she wanted. She lived in crowdy neighborhood causing her having no privacy. She made a plan that one day she will leave Mango Street and live in the house she dreams of.

The House on the Mango Street is a book that explains many feminist ideals. In the book, women deny a lot of things like freedom, sexual equality, educational, independence, and more. Also, The House on the Mango Street is the most important symbol in the story. A real house is a place for us humans where we feel safe, comfortable, where we can show our identity. Where we don’t have to act like someone else to impress somebody. On The House on the Mango Street represents having privilege and imprisonment, success and lack of success. Esperanza parents finally have a place where they owned it and not rented, but it’s not what Esperanza dreams of.

Author main point is she describes her neighborhood and the people in it. Most of them hardly surviving, not having lots of luck, and struggling to make it in America. Most of them are hardworking immigrants. Esperanza struggles in her own ideas of identity and success. She founds out a woman who use marriage to have a better life but in the end, she was trapped by marriage. Chapter 7 Laughter is the most significant and interesting in my bias. It talks about how her sisters Rachel, Lucy, and Nenny. Nenny and Esperanza are sisters, but they don’t look like sisters. It reminds me of me, and my sister all thought we don’t share the same interest or have the same personality. We share looks and it reminds me a little bit of this when I read this chapter. In the story author stated, “Rachel and Lucy don’t get it, it Nenny is totally on the same wavelength, and says, “That’s what I was thinking exactly”. I found this interesting because should our siblings have majority the similar interests or personality. We have different personalities but we both share the same genes and environment. Why do our siblings have different personalities? Also, in the text, it said Nenny and Esperanza are sisters, but they don’t look alike I found that interesting as well. I did some research and discover that we can look like our parents but reason why siblings look different from each other it’s because we get half of their DNA and inherited features from the parents or from our grandparents or even our grand grandparents. Although, The House on Mango Street is Cisneros’s first novel and appeared without high expectations, over time it’s has become well known. I really enjoyed the book; I learn new things my mind is open wider. Even though in the begging she has issues and stressing over life and the issues in it. When you come toward the end it gets inspirational and overcoming of traits of Esperanza to concur her dreams/goals. It’s funny it reminds me of reading someone personal journal. It gets emotional in my opinion is some chapters, there are some chapters where the issues are mean, gets sexual, she was a girl trying to survive. This book shows the world is not always about happy things never anything bad is happening and I’m glad she wrote this book.

Yes, I believe the author reach her purpose. If her purpose was to get her story out to let the world knows how the word looks like and how kids will see it and go through. I think she reaches her purpose. The writing is powerful and motivating the way I see it. She is straightforward about her writing process. It’s readable I’m a person who likes reading certain books this is isn’t type of book I would read but it was readable, each chapter its own story.

This book is favorable. It has educational value, positive message, positive role model and representatives. There is some violence in this book as well as sex and drinking, drugs but I think it’s good it in the book. We all need to know about this thing so we can feel comfortable talking about this. I don’t see any weakness I found lots of strength in the book Esperanza is determined girl when she put her mind in something she won’t stop until she achieves it. She has the needs to put her family first. “Esperanza felt like she had failed Mama in some way and wanted to make it up to her. Now it was her turn to be strong for Mama.”

This book change history I’m not saying it a bad book I feel like everyone should know all these things happen but people now days are taking it wrong. There are more drugs, rape, killing, etc. I think people are taking advantage of this. It changes negatively throughout history. We delve into history; we change something bad into make in it thinks it’s good. I have no issues with the book, but people are changing something good and innocent to something bad.

I would recommend this book to others because I want to everyone know what the world is full of and when people read this book, I want them to feel some type away so they can cause less rape, sex, drugs, etc. I would really love the world to change and I think books like this can help the world change. If people like me want to make a difference in the world I think to recommend this book it’s a start. My overall evaluation of this book it’s a good book and I think other people should appreciate it more and stop disliking this book. I really love this book it is like reading someone diary, which is funny, sad, hard times, etc. I found it one of the beautiful best of poetry and I found it opens doors of the heart without a doubt. She is a great author I appreciate very much. She talks about everything we need to know; we need to know about the rapture and rage of growing up in this world. Each chapter is rich and hit you with the full force of reality. This book to you in for a ride and so many things it happens. She wanted a new house, she got it but now what she dreams of. This house makes her think of life in an unusual way. She learns new things, experience things she has not felt. She grows creative and desires to write and change her life. In the end, she still lives in the same house but she her knowledge change. She got mature and confident that will not be staying here forever. If you want to do something do not be afraid to do something to make a change.

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