The Holocaust – Failure of Humanity

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The holocaust is not only a tragedy of the Jewish people, it is a failure of humanity as a whole -Moshe Katsav. The holocaust was started by the Germans. Their leader and the person who caused the holocaust to start was named Adolf Hitler. He was wrong for what he did to the Jews and it was inhuman. The human race as a whole failed because we could have done something to stop the holocaust or prevent it from getting to the point it was at.

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The holocaust has a very large effect on everyone involved. The holocaust started in January 1933 and ended in May of 1945. Hitler had two major goals. One of Hitler’s goals was to make more living space for the Germans. He also found the Jews to be inferior and not worthy of living.

Leading up to the holocaust was World War 1 which created a worldwide depression. Shorty after World War 1 ended the first concentration camp was established prisoning many people they thought to be dangerous . They killed the people who were to weak or not worthy of doing the work they needed by using gas chambers. They were told that they would get a shower but instead they would gas them and many of thousands of people were killed. By the end of the holocaust over six million Jews were killed. Many piles of human corpses and ashes were found along with some survivors.

After the holocaust ended any of the survivors were left without families and were terrified to return to their homes because they felt hated or didn’t want to revisit what had happened over those years. Many survivors migrated Westward and were housed in refugee centers where they were provided with food, water and any essential they need to live. The holocaust still affects people whose families were involved to this day. This event in history is very meaningful for the Jews and they will always see the Germans as negative people.

This event in history will always be remembered. Hitler caused many problems and took the lives of people who didn’t even get a chance or have never even done anything wrong just because they were different from everyone else.

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