Why should we Never Forget the Holocaust

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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I think that it is important to learn about the holocaust and what had happened during it. From the beginning of the holocaust when it all started, 1933, when hitler became power over germany, none of it was right or acceptable. Learning about the holocaust is something that everyone in the world should know about. Knowing what happened should be enough to make sure that this action never takes place again because of how brutal and harsh it was. Humans benefit from learning about this in which it should have never happened and hopefully they understand what the jews went through, like being separated from their family, having neighbors and everyone they knew or were friends with killed if they were not themselves.

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Earlier in the time of the holocaust the jews had to live in this place called the Ghettos. Ghettos were an area in cities that the Nazis had made the Jews live in. in the Ghettos you were allowed to leave during the day but be back when ordered, but than they got more strict as time moved on and the Jews were trapped in boundaries and not allowed to leave at all. Somewhere around 400,000 people lived in the Ghettos. Germans put a nine foot wall topped with barbed wire surrounding the Ghetto closing it off. If anyone tried to escape they would be shot on sight. Living conditions in the ghetto were brutal. Many died from starvation or diseases if they weren’t shot. Children were used to smuggle in food and supplies that would be illegally sold. The Nazis sent deportations from the ghettos. About 1,000 people a day were forced on trains and sent to either a concentration camp or a death camp. The largest ghetto was in Warsaw, and had around 445,000 jews. When the Nazis decided to kill the remaining of the Jews in the ghetto, they would load the rest on a train. Not all of the jews would allow themselves to be taken right away so they rebelled against the Nazis for 28 days until the Nazis took over.

What impacted me the most on realizing how terrible this period of time was watching a movie about the holocaust and seeing how scared everyone was. For instance when the women went into the showers and thought they were going to die because they thought they were taking showers in gas when really they were just taking a regular shower in water because they were moving from one camp to another. If you were a jew in the time of the holocaust you never knew where you were going, if you were going to see your family or friends ever again, and facing death every moment. You could not go to sleep without knowing if you were going to wake up or if it was going to be your last day alive.

This whole mess started on January 30th, 1933 when germany appointed hitler as chancellor. Not only were the jews targeted and killed along with homosexuals, political enemies, and more. Germans had appointed hitler thinking he would save them and help improve everything like he said he would, but them were not his exact intentions. People didn’t think his tactic of exterminating the imperfect ones was what he pictured.

The biggest concentration camp was Auschwitz where about 1.1 million people were exterminated by either gas chambers or shot and killed. Before you were killed you were stripped of everything you owned such as books, shoes, toys, etc. they even took the gold teeth out of the jews mouths and melted them down to make rings or to sell gold for money. Imagine everything you had owned and everything you worked hard for being taken from you and you family. Everything taken.

An estimation of about 1 million children were murdered during the holocaust. So many innocent people had their lives taken because of hitler and he got away with it because he persuaded the people in germany into thinking it was right. Being a jewish percent during the holocaust was probably one of the hardest and scariest positions to be in. The chances in seeing your child again is very slim. Among all other harsh conditions jews went through, being stuck in a train car along with about 80 people was close to one of the worst. For one you have to stand the whole time, going days without sitting or laying down is brutal and aside of that it was hot in there and standing shoulder to shoulder with very very little water. Going to the bathroom you had to go in a bucket, or if that’s full, on the floor where people are standing and i’m sure it was not a pleasant smell.

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