The Future of our World

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“AI is something that is risky at the civilization level, not merely at the individual risk level, and that’s why it really demands a lot of safety research.” Entrepreneur and investor Elon Musk said this about Artificial Intelligence, this quote shows how our world could look in the future. Musk is saying AI could be a good idea but it could also be dangerous if given to someone that has no reason to have it. In the short story “The Pedestrian”, the main character is a man, surrounded by what seems like lifeless people.

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Technology seemed to over run there world, and nothing is the same. From talking cars to humans greeting houses, technology took things too far.

In the story the main character is in a future setting. The story states he is in A.D 2053, or the future. As the story progresses the characters world keeps getting introduced as a dark cold place. It seems like he is the only person in the world, everyone else is like soulless body’s. When the main character decides to go for a walk he is seen by the only police vehicle in the whole town. The car approaches him and he is talking to the car. This is not possible for our world right now, and it will be in a couple of years if we don’t stop with making more and more technology.

Ray Bradbury the author of “The Pedestrian” show a lot of imagery throughout the story. In the story he says “They sat like dead” this shows imagery, it is saying technology could be making people almost like zombies. He shows how much people rely on technology these days and how much worst it can get if we let it continue and or get in the wrong hand as Elon Musk said. Another piece of imagery he showed was the smoke coming out of his breath as if he was smoking, this shows how cold and dark the world has gotten. In the story Bradbury is hinting at what our world could look like in the near future, people talking to houses, cars talking to people, and almost lifeless body’s glued to technology.

Elon Musk’s quote about AI is very true, technology is great until someone that should have is has it. Keeping risky technology out of civilian hands need to happen because if the wrong person has it everything could go very wrong. Technology is great, it can help detect cancer and other diseases, catch crimes, and much more. It also has its downfalls too, a good example of that is when America dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, a place in Asia. That bomb eliminated many innocent people, that was in 1945. Imagine what we could do know in technology, or even in the next ten years. Technology is always in our lives now, without it people aren’t the same. People get anxiety when they don’t have there phone or their computer. Our future will be filled with technology. Will we use it in a good way or a bad way, you decide. 

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