Elon Musk’s Influence

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Elon Musk is a self-made billionaire by being an inventor, entrepreneur, and CEO of the best selling car company in the world. Elon Musk has ran many companies. His main companies consists of Tesla his car company, SpaceX his space exploration company, and The Boring Company which is currently building hyperloop tunnels which will forever change the way we travel from city to city. Elon Musk has influenced the technological world by creating eco safe cars, reusable rockets, and hyperloop tunnels.

Tesla is a car company run by its CEO Elon Musk. Teslas are eco safe cars, meaning they do not use gas to run, they are battery powered. This helps our environment by not polluting the air with chemicals your car releases from the gas. The Model X was the first ever SUV to get a five star rating in every category for safety. A few of the things Elon Musk does at Tesla is, oversees all of the product design, all engineering and manufacturing of the vehicles, solar panels, and also the batteries. These are just a few of the things he does, and it shows how much work it takes to be as successful as him and how much it takes to run one of the biggest car companies out there. Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla, which creates eco friendly cars and created the first ever SUV to get five star safety ratings in every safety category.

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Elon Musk is under fire after tweeting something misleading towards investors. The Securities Exchange Comission sued Elon Musk after misleading investors. They settled the situation but it has forced Elon Musk to step down as chairman of Tesla for a minimum of three years and pay $20 million in fines. Following the incident Tesla stocks dropped by almost 14%. Tesla will pay the $20 million but will not be charged with anything. Elon Musk is going to buy $20 million in Tesla stocks to match the fine he got charged with. Tesla has now added to independent directors and is going to further monitor Elon Musks communication with his investors. This could have really damaged Tesla as a company and Elon Musk is lucky they did not go through with suing him.

SpaceX is a space exploration company created by Elon Musk. SpaceX creates reusable rockets lowering space costs drastically. Their ultimate goal is to make life on other planets a possibility. SpaceX being the only commercial provider to recover and launch spacecraft from orbit, they have also been able to attach spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS). In 2008 the Falcon 1 was launched being their first liquid fuel spacecraft to launch and orbit around Earth. NASA has compensated SpaceX with a contract to bring crew and cargo to International Space Station. SpaceX has drastically lowered prices for space travel changing the space game forever.

SpaceX has picked Yusaku Maezawa a billionaire, to be the first private passenger on a passage around the moon. As a result Elon Musk seeks a $500 million loan. This loan will come through Goldman Sachs which is going to lead talks with possible investors. SpaceX has launched more than 50 successful rocket launches. Falcon Heavy, one of SpaceX rockets, is the worlds most powerful functional rocket. It can supply missions from the moon all the way to Mars. The Falcon Heavy could be the rocket that will one day take us to Mars making life there a reality. With the reusable rockets, SpaceX has drastically lowered prices for space travel changing the space game forever.

The Boring Company is creating hyperloop tunnels which will move pods over 600+ miles per hour. The Boring Company’s goal is to transport people wherever they need and fast to dig tunnels that have a low cost. Tunnels are weatherproof and out of sight, they also fix traffic jams in any town. The tunnels would even be one of the safest places to be during an earthquake if built correctly. The hyperloop tunnels allow swift travels across some heavily populated regions. It could take you from New York to Washington DC in less than 30 minutes. There are two types of tunnels, on being the hyerloop tunnels and the other just being loop tunnels. There is no major difference other than the loop tunnels are for short routes while the hyerloop tunnels are for longer routes.

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The cost of something like that could be as much as $1 billion per mile so in order for the tunnels to actually be realistic the costs need to be dropped by a factor of ten. The Boring Company is privately funded meaning they do not seek money from outside sources. In order to lower costs they will need to lower the diameter of the tunnel. Currently the tunnels are 28 feet wide but they can lower it to 14 feet wide. That would allow the cost to lower three to four times. A tunnel being dug under Los Angeles is scheduled to open December 10th and free rides is going to be offered to the public the next night. The tunnel is two miles long being a test tunnel, and it can transport 8 to 16 passengers and this one can go up to 155 miles per hour. Hyperloop tunnels is a very innovative way to change subway travel. The Hyperloop tunnels will allow us to travel city to city in less that half the time making traveling so much easier and safer.

Elon Musk has influenced the technological world by creating eco safe cars, reusable rockets, and hyperloop tunnels. Elon Musk has changed the way we travel by creating eco safe battery powered cars, reusable rockets to reduce space prices dramatically and make life in space a possibility, and hyperloop tunnels to create a fast way of traveling. Elon Musk has thought of every way we travel in our day to day lives and also travel beyond our planet and took those things and invented the safest transportation on our planet and beyond.

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