The Death Penalty and People’s Opinions

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The death penalty is a highly debated topic that often divided opinion amongst people all around the world. Firstly, let’s take a look at our capital punishments, with certain crimes, come different serving times.

Most crimes include treason, espionage, murder, large-scale drug trafficking, and murder towards a juror, witness, or a court officer in some cases. These are a few examples compared to the forty-one federal capital offenses to date.

When it comes to the death penalty, there are certain states that have banned this cruel punishment, while others have turned to other ways of punishment such as life imprisonment, lethal injection, electrocution in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

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Gas inhalation in Arizona and California. Firing squad in Utah, and hanging in Washington.

There are those who argue about the cruel treatment given to human beings who have committed a crime. Criminals should be put to live, feel the pain radiating hate that comes with their crime. Crimes such as drug crimes are in some degree less painful to people unless drug is given to induce death upon a person. As a nation, the laws and rules that apply to certain crimes should be changed and made accurate to ensure a fair and lawfully right trial for both the criminal and victim.

The first state to start off is, Texas seems to be a state that has been firm about punishment in the United States. Texas has gone through different types of Capital punishment for those who break the law to the highest extent. In history the first record in Texas started first with hangings during the 1800s it seems to be known about the use of hanging, hanging lasted until 1920 with the last hanging recorded being Nathan Lee, a man who murdered someone in cold blood. Texas decided to take up the electric chair soon after the abolishment of hanging.

It seems that in Texas in order to get the death penalty one would need to murder someone under any circumstance. Texas is just one of many states that has a strict death penalty policy towards people that commit crimes in the state. It is known that people in Texas seem to think that death punishment is fair for the people who commit such hateful acts. However, there are also many people who don’t agree with these actions that the state agrees with, by protesting they try to give an outlet by saying that murdering someone for harming or killing another is just the same.

Just like Texas, there are many states who agree with the death penalty. Why should people who hard hurt others still be able to live and strive to get a better life or even if they stayed in jail? Why do people get to live their life while they just ended someone’s life and their families as well? There are two sides to think about and many opinions and facts to both sides many with interesting points. To begin off why should someone die too? To make them feel the same pain? To make their families feel the same way?

We get it, you should make someone feel the same pain you feel it’s a natural response to anyone who has gone through this, but why would you kill someone to make them feel your pain? By killing them you give them an escape route from their wrongdoings. They should be able to live with their pain and spend their lives in jail. Then again it has been reported that people in jails are taking up all the tax money for schools and other resources. So, what’s the plan for people who murder? When people are given the death penalty why do they get to eat their favorite meal before they perish?

There are many questions left unanswered for people who want to make people feel the same type of hurt that they feel or felt during the situation they are or were currently in. On someone levels, I’m conflicted as an American citizen whether or not I would want someone to go through the same type of pain or have them live in their regret. While some feel that it would be better for them to live with their regret, I for one wouldn’t think that is a fair choice since one would never know if that person feels regretful or not.

People who have had people hurt or killed by someone should have the right over the other’s life since they took someone away from them. Yet, that still wouldn’t solve the bigger picture, which is if people should be killed as well. It is hard to say as someone who has never experienced something like this. I want to believe that people change because some people do, but someone never knows. There have been times where people have shown no remorse for the people whose lives they took and whose families they hurt.

Those people sometimes end up walking away alive, but still living the rest of their lives in jail. The amount of taxes and money spent on people who have done nothing but hurt people should be a crime in itself. There are some cases where people have to stop and think about what they’ve done, people who murder others by their carelessness are another story. How should one be handled if they have killed someone by being careless such as in a drunk car crash or even being high?

It seems that there is more than one decision when it comes to murder, there are sometimes the thought or action that might cause an accident. Such as teen’s being under the influence of any type of drug or alcoholic beverage. I could see how living life behind bars could come in effect, but still, playing the age card cannot make up for what they have done. Many adults have gotten death row for killing someone in a crash, but why don’t teens? It seems since teens are seen as kids they aren’t given cruel punishment because they “Didn’t know better”

But how is that acceptable? Already driving under the influence is a crime and murder is a crime it’s a 2 in 1 deal. Children who kill are also given a lighter sentence, but the question is why? I’m sure I could answer my own question with just some simple logical answers, but why are children given a lighter sentence? Is it because their brains haven’t developed or the fact that it would be morally wrong to kill a child? Adults are seen to have a bigger idea of what the laws are and what they should do to prevent it.

However, there are many people who kill and hurt people until they’re caught, many are some famous serial murders who have their own movie or show, but why are the actions of other people who murder glorified in Hollywood? Some people use the actions that are in movies in real life. Crime rates are only going up and the money spent on prisons is only getting higher. The thought process through all of this is a difficult one, what is the real and true answer for someone to get the death penalty.

Should we kill people like they killed others or should we just let them live until they die? The questions about child murders still run through my head, yes, while their brain still isn’t fully developed. Why do they get a free pass? To me, murders are just murders, so why do we have a soft spot for children?

They commit the same acts like adults so they should be treated as such. However I do understand how unempathetic that sound, but they committed a crime which was murder. The biggest crime in the world and one of the most hateful ones so far. Your brain would have to be in a totally different place for a thought to even be put into someone’s head. One should think that a child that is able to commit murder has a mature brain.

Adults, teens, and children who commit murder should be treated equality for the amount of trauma and pain they have caused the person of the victim or the victim. People who kill should be given the death penalty without a doubt. Killing someone without remorse or with remorse after the fact still makes you guilty. The thought process behind the whole thing has to be someone who doesn’t seem to care about the consequences, one must have known what would happen after the fact.

If you give someone a chance in jail or even releasing them on good behavior encourages them to do and say harmful things. People will mostly have a way of outsmarting or making people do something they want to do. By giving the people who harm others the freedom gives them more willpower to keep doing it until the end. Also if someone is given life in jail, it doesn’t mean that will be the end of all things bad that they’ve done. It just gives them a bigger outlet to so more bad things in prison, what else can the state or jail due to them?

They’re already in prison for life. It has been the biggest journey to go through all the possibilities of the death sentence, but there are still many unanswered questions. Such as giving the person the last meal of their choice. Yes, while they may be put to death they shouldn’t be given the right to pick what they want to eat last since the person who they hurt didn’t get to choose what they wanted to eat before they died.

There are hundreds of privileges that prisoners are given that shouldn’t be given, they have a choice over the things they want to do or eat that day. While the people whose lives were taken didn’t have the choice to do so. The death penalty has many flaws and different types of things that could be changed. In other words, people on death row should be given a date that same week that they got prosecuted to perish. They shouldn’t be given a chance or a say in anything at the end of their time.

These people should be treated with hardly any respect, how could someone who showed no respect towards the victim be shown any type of respect or remorse? While these things do seem harsh, I see them as fair towards the victim. While I know there are some people who don’t believe people should die regardless of what they do, so I would feel as it is only necessary to give the victim’s family the right to have them killed or not. This still isn’t a solution to many of the problems it could be something that gives them closure. Not only do they need to heal their mind but also their soul.

Nevertheless, while I researched this topic I seemed to have lost myself in thought, The more I looked up, that more questions are still left in the dark without a proper explanation It seems to be that the American death row policies are difficult and are still unanswered, or just plain blunt without an explanation. All in all this topic has been a joy ride of emotions that are still left unsolved.

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