The Crisis of Poverty and Food

In the articles of What Is Poverty by Jo Goodwin Parker & The Value and Price Of Food by Carlo Petrini are related on some standard level because of the link between poverty and food. Humans have this mindset that food, once used is now useless; therefore the leftover undesired food is tossed in the trash. That leftover food that most people and restaurants tend to get rid of by throwing it away, don’t really have any idea, that whatever food was left in a food tray could have been used to help people that live in poverty. Leftover food could have fed a few homeless people on the street and people living below the federal poverty line. Us humans that have the income and luxury to buy food, probably throw out more food than we buy and give to people in need of food.

Yes, of course no one wants to eat someone else’s second leftovers; because that’s just plain gross. But from what I’ve seen on the internet from around the world in other countries; is that whenever a store or restaurant have leftover cooked food or unsold fresh veggies and fruits, they tend to give away the food to people in poverty by creating a lunchbox or plate of food to give to people in need. Most people in poverty are stereotyped as lazy because of not having a job or finding a way to get educated to better their livelihood. It’s not easy to create a better life for yourself, especially with major obstacles standing in the way, but it is rewarding to look at how much a person has grown from their experiences and hardships they faced. Poverty is a terrible thing, & it can happen to anyone, at any time. Majority of people tend think about what they would do in the consequences of poverty if it was themselves and their family in that situation. No one wishes poverty on another (I hope no one has actually wished that), but living in poverty can be pretty daunting. Poverty is a terrible thing to endure, since the people living in poverty have to deal with not having the luxury to by or wash clean clothes, lack of food on the table to feed their children ( if they have any), and lack of income to take care of basic necessities needed to live.

People in poverty barely have enough money to provide a few meals a week, even with large families, it can be hard to provide. Living in poverty is a high possibility of eating the same few meals provided by whatever income is brought in from whichever family member that has a job; because those same few meals that they eat are barely cheap enough to afford to buy once or twice a week; but not enough to buy in large sums of quantity to last for a week, moth or so on. Poverty is not having ability to afford other basic necessities such as clean running hot and cold water to shower and drink. If the price of food is considered low cost for people that can afford to buy their basic needs & have a stable job with a steady income, then imagine people living in poverty with little to no income to provided for their needs, see the price of food in a store or local market as expensive from their point of view. A form of poverty is not being able to buy clean, healthy food to restore someone’s physical and mental health to a healthy lifestyle from sickness. Yes, many people that have a stable income to buy healthy and clean food, might not choose to eat healthy, buy they have the option to eat healthy. People living in poverty don’t really have an option to be picky and precise with food; they only buy what they can afford to keep them & their families alive. People in poverty don’t have much of a choice; they can only buy or take what they can get.

People living poverty most likely don’t have access to basic healthcare to take care of injuries, broken bones, diseases, illnesses, and so on because hospital bills and other healthcare related fees are sky high and difficult to pay off, when not bringing in much income. People that endure in poverty don’t always have a place to call home. Some don’t even have a place to sleep in a clean bed with a pillow and blanket, to feel safe and secure from potential dangers, clean running water for showering with soap and to drink a cold cup of water from the sink, clean clothes to wear every single day until a load of laundry needs to be done to wear those clothes again, to not always eat the same meals over and over and to not have to worry about going over a weekly or monthly budget. Us people that have a stable job and livable income tend to wonder if living in poverty will happen to us someday, and how we will face or overcome it head on. Providing for families and close friends in severe troubled times would be hard to deal with. Poverty is not a friendly face or figure that people like to stare at if we were put in those circumstances. Poverty is a menace. I can’t stand that some people have to live in Poverty without being provided basic healthcare and other needs to survive. Hopefully, poverty will be a thing of the past so that in the future no one has to face those hardships in life.


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