The Child Labor Industry

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The child labor industry was bad because back in there day’s kids had to work so they could take care of their self and their family.” Some of the kids had to work at early ages. I think it means that they are too young to be working on machines and they are underage this means that they are two young to be doing this stuff and they could get hurt and they don’t know what they are doing.

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“ kids had to Clime in machines and to fix them with there hands because their fingers were small enough to fit. This means that the kids fingers could get cut off if they did not get out of the machines or they could die but it matters because they could have got anything cut off all because they had small hands but I don’t think most of the time that some of the little kids got out alive.”

Kids were not paid enough money they were paid less. I think that it was not good because they could be getting killed and they are risking their life to only get paid little money to do all these things for these people and they only get a little amount of money when they could be doing other things. Children also worked long hours in a dangerous factory and bad conditions. This means that children worked all day and they had no rest when they Could have been trying to get there education but they were dumb and did not learn nothing about math, science ,social studies, “ adults got paid more money Then the kids did I think it was very wrong because kids were the ones who was doing all the hard work.

In conclusion I think that the child labor industry was bad because they would make little children clime into small places and get hurt all the time they were not paid the equal amount of money for the time they worked and I think they deserved better than what they had their childhood was gone and their education was gone as well but I do not agree with the way they did things back then.

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