Should Child Labor be Legal?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Children are dying all because of Child labor! It’s horrible. There are about 168 million children worldwide trapped in child labor. Children are in serious trouble which means we have to stop the situation so children can live their normal lives and be free. Child labor is “the use of children in industry or business, especially when illegal or considered inhumane”.

Child labor has many kids miss out on school, it’s very dangerous, last but not least they don’t get enough money.

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Many kids work many hours day to day and get paid less than 20 cents a day. Many kids miss out on school. But “education is the route out of poverty for many children. It gives them a chance to gain the knowledge and skills needed to improve their lives” (“The Right to Education.”) Education helps a lot. It’s a very important role in your life.

So for kids to miss it isn’t okay. “Millions of children never saw the inside of a classroom”! (“The Right to Education”). Many children never seen a school building or even side a classroom because they’re too busy working. But they also miss out on school because they need to support themselves and their families. It’s dangerous! Many “Children often worked long hours in dangerous factory conditions for very little money”.

All of these kids work for so many hours non stop in these unsafe factories. They also work more because they can fit into more areas and easier for them to get around places. (“Child Labor.”). Working in the dangerous factors “could put them in danger. More specifically, hazardous child labor is work in dangerous or unhealthy conditions that could result in a child being killed, or injured or made ill as a consequence of poor safety and health standards and working agreements”. (“child labor”). Which all of this caused attention to the public. The children work for so many hours for little pay. They get ”Less than 20 cents a day. Children pay a high price for cheap labor. Some work from 6 in the morning until 7 at night for less than 20 cents a day”. (“child labor”) 20 cents a day isn’t enough hourly. I think they should get paid way more than 20 cents a day because they do such a good job and very hard working for nothing.

Also ”children could be paid less than adults” adults should get paid the same amount as the children do! Because they work “hard hours for little or no pay”. Plus the children do more work than adults do. “Some people may think it’s a good idea because they help themselves and their families”. But “You have to think about all the other effects child labor causes. They can cause many things. like injuries. Injuries can be caused by many things while working. Children can be very young doing hard work which could lead up to something”. There are so many effects behind child labor.

Child labor is not okay! Why? Because it is torture in so many ways. kids miss out on school so they can do some hardship works, also it can be dangerous because of the jobs and many other things, they don’t get enough money for all the many hours they work, and last but not least children can get injuries like breaking their back, arm, legs and etc. This is why child labor shouldn’t be legal.

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